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World of De Wolfe Pack: The Highlander´s Challenge by Madeline Martin.

Immerse yourself into the fabulous worlds created for USA Today and Amazon All-Star bestselling author Kathryn Le Veque’s World of de Wolfe Pack Amazon Kindle World! Based off Kathryn’s epic saga, seventeen authors have written and released new stories using Kathryn’s original settings, characters, or plots for a re-launch of the world. You’ll find incredible authors with books of Time-Travel, Highlander, Conquest England, Regency, and Contemporary Romance just to name a few. This launch is covering all of the bases of Historical Romance and more. Read on below to get to know one of the featured authors and their book in the Wolfe Pack. To learn more about the other authors and books included, you can follow the World of de Wolfe Pack on Facebook.

The Highlander’s Challenge by Madeline Martin
Publication Date: September 6, 2016
Genre: Scottish Historical Romance


Bridget de Wolfe is the great niece of Penelope de Wolfe and has also taken up a knight's life. When she sees her brother slain on the battlefield in front of her, she vows vengeance. 

The opportunity to avenge him comes far sooner than anticipated when she becomes betrothed to the very man who killed him, Aidan MacAlister. 

Aidan has assumed the role of parent to his two younger siblings after his parents' deaths. Robert the Bruce has insists he marry an English noble to secure the Scottish English alliance. His acquiescence affords him land and a home for his family. Only his new wife is unlike any woman he's ever met...and she's already tried to kill him.

Bridget de Wolfe is a warrior who fights alongside her brothers in battle. Two years after witnessing the death of one of her brothers in a battle against the Scots , she has been persuaded to marry the man she believes responsible.  She has an ulterior motive for agreeing.  
Adian MacAlister is hoping for peace by marrying the daughter of his former enemy.  He has his young siblings to protect and provide for.  He is not quite prepared for the woman he gets.  
A wonderful addition to the World of de Wolfe Pack.  With words if wisdom from an important aunt.  
Lots of emotion and a great strong heroine. Our sexy hero is more than a match for his stubborn wife.  
I loved every page. 

MacAlister was asleep.
Bridget leaned over his sleeping form. His lips were thinned to a narrow line and his face relaxed. He looked young. The thought surprised her as the boar of a man appeared anything but young when he made his orders and flexed his overtly rude show of hospitality.
Even the scar marring his eyebrow didn't seem as fierce.
She closed her eyes, not only to blot out his face, but to gently court the sleep she knew she must avoid.
God, but she was tired.
The man could drink, but she'd be damned if she let him consume more than she did. It was a foolish challenge, of course. But then, she'd always been one for foolish challenges.
Even against the man she intended to kill.
She opened her eyes and found him unmoved from where she last gazed upon him. The candlelight washed over his naked torso, shadowing lines of muscles strong enough to remain in the relaxed state of his sleep. A light sprinkling of hair showed on his chest and trailed from his navel to beneath his belted hose.
Her cheeks warmed in spite of herself. She'd seen bare-chested men most of her life. Certainly, once she was allowed to train with men, she saw it nearly every day. Why, then, was she hot with embarrassment to be looking upon him?
Her head sloshed with wine-laden thoughts.
Deciding to keep up with his wine consumption had seemed so much less foolish at the time. She thought herself stronger than this.
It had been an important lesson to learn, and she hoped it wouldn't fade with the effects of the wine.
Wasting time.
She shook her head at herself. She was wasting time. The sooner she killed him, the sooner this would all be done.
She looked down at his face once more and let the memory of that day on the battlefield of her home bloom to life in her mind. When Richard, her dear and noble brother, had fallen to his knees, helpless and in defeat, and the blade had slipped from his hands. He'd been cut down like an animal, butchered with an axe.
Tears burned in her eyes and she welcomed them. She reached in the long pocket of her chemise and withdrew the dagger. The hilt was warm with the heat of her body and the sharp point winked with the candlelight.
One slash across the throat, a hard, deep gouge. She'd done it in battle before. It was not difficult.
She leaned over him and set the dagger to his throat. The reflection of the candlelight on the blade shifted rhythmically, in time with the steady beat of his pulse.
She squeezed the hilt in her hand.
Do it.
She clenched her teeth and willed her hand to press down and pull.

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Madeline Martin lives in Jacksonville, Florida with her two daughters (AKA OldestMinion and YoungestMinion). All shenanigans are detailed regularly on Twitter and on Facebook.
She graduated from Flagler College with a degree in Business Administration and works for corporate America. Her hobbies include rock climbing, running, doing crazy races (like Mud Runs and Color Runs) and just about anything exciting she can do without getting nauseous. She's also a history fan after having lived in Europe for over a decade, and enjoys traveling overseas whenever she can. Her favorite place to visit thus far: Scotland.
Writing has been a passion of hers since she was a child and now she finally gets to see her lifelong dream come true.

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