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Bad Cop (A Bad Boy Romance) by Marci Fawn. ARC Review.

There's a killer on the loose, and I need to keep my woman safe.


A rough year? That's putting it mildly.
After my parents died in a gruesome car crash, I moved to the city with my sister, Cassandra.
The only way to make a name for myself was to befriend a policeman and get all the gory details on the serial killer running rampant in the city.
But I came too close to the fire, and I got burned... Now the killer is after me.
Darkly handsome cop Kyle Simons could rescue me - but there's only two things he cares about.
Catching the killer...
And getting me into his bed.


For the past two years of my life, I've been obsessed with catching him.
X, the mysterious villain who I suspect took many lives, my girlfriend's being one of them.
When Allison Reid, a sexy-as-hell journalist, walks into my life with a determined step, I'd do anything to get her off my back.
I hate journalists. They're scum.
But she makes me an offer... Find the killer, and have her for one night.
I would've done it either way.
But Allison will be the perfect reward to another finished case.

Full length, standalone bad boy romance. No cliffhanger, no cheating and a happy ending guaranteed. 

Kyle is a frustrated cop.  Someone is killing young women and he can't find him.  The most disturbing part about it is no one seems to care.
Allison is a journalist chasing the story of the murders. When the sexy cop warns her that investigating could be dangerous she didn't realise just how right he is. 
A murder, mystery where we know who the killer is quite early but our hero can't get the proof he needs. Our heroine actually finds more evidence but will she live to tell the tale. 
A scary story where you are not sure if the good guys can ever win. An intriguing and entertaining read.


Marci Fawn is a 20-something author who just loves alpha males. The badder, the better! She lives with her alpha boyfriend and their two cats, and spends way too much time thinking of new storylines for her books.


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