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Deverell´s Obsession (A Risque Regency Romance) by Sahara Kelly. ARC Review.

“I do not regard myself as the cheese in the parson’s mousetrap.” Mr. Delaney Deverell on marriage

Delaney Deverell is charming, handsome and content to be unwed. He has declared himself immune to the wiles of women, unlike his friends Charles and Lucius, who have recently begun happy marriages. Dev admits to one “obsession”, but she remains a silent onlooker, and he’s happy to have it that way. Until a vicious crime deposits a woman on his doorstep—and his life turns upside down. 

Miss Léonie Girard has a massive lump on her head and is missing a chunk of her recent past. She knows her life is in danger, but has no idea why and that is unsettling, even for a woman with her well-developed self-control. She learned to maintain her calm façade while traversing the courts and political centers of Europe with her diplomat father. Finding Delaney Deverell is a coincidence helped along by a stroke of luck. But seeing herself in a portrait on his wall is something else again… 

Mr Delaney Deverell is obsessed with a portrait he inherited from a distant relative.  He is summoned by friends to help a woman who was found unconscious, with a note mentioning his name.  He has never met her before but her face is as familiar as his own. 
Leonie Girard is a diplomat's daughter travelling to meet him.  Unfortunately someone is determined to stop her. The gap in her memory from the blow to her head , makes her nervous about who to trust.
There is a very dangerous mystery to solve and a murderous villain to avoid.  A lovely historical romance with plenty of adventure, intrigue and marvellous characters.  Our heroine is a brave and highly intelligent woman and that pleases our wonderful hero.  It is part of a series of books that can easily be read separately . I loved it,  great fun. 


I'm really rather boring... Honestly. I live a pretty hum-drum life as a wife and mother. I shop at the local supermarket and use coupons now and again. See? Boring stuff.

I live in New England, so I have a good supply of warm clothes, cool clothes and in-between clothes. Never enough, of course.

Having been born and raised in England, I do possess a well-developed feel for the English countryside. Comes in handy for those Regency tales.
Even though I was transplanted over to the US side of the Atlantic, I still have ties to all things Brit. I bake sausage rolls and make Christmas pudding. You can take the girl out of England, but not England out of the girl, I guess.

I'm not sure anyone can write really well unless they read. A lot. I read anything and everything these days. And mostly on my couch with a book on my knees. Yes, the technology is out there for electronic versions, but there's not much to compare with a shiny new hardcover from a favorite author. 

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