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Tara´s Tail.

I have had an operation. I was playing and slipped. I tore a tendon in my shoulder. Mummy said I have to start to remember I´m getting older and must stop acting like a pup. I´m 14 years old but I love to run. Didn´t take me long to recover but mummy kept me on a lead for WEEKS !!!
My little brother is younger than me, only 9 years old but he´s like an old man. Never runs at all and is stiff in the mornings. He has to take lots of medicine every day. 
We had those pesky cats here again over Christmas but they´ve gone now. They still wont let me play chase with them. It´s really exciting when they race around the house. but if I get up to play they hide under one of the beds where I can´t reach. Sneaky little things. 
Bye for now xx


Ohh this cold weather is awful.  It's playing havoc with my back legs.  It's difficult to get up on the sofa.  I can run and walk with no problem it's the jumps that hurt.  My coat is very short and I don't like to wear a jumper.  My little brother is a poodle so he has a much thicker coat lucky him.  I'm going to stay right here in front of the fire. 


Hi Tara here, 
I have just recovered from Christmas.  My human brother brought his two kittens to stay with us.  One of them was fun for me,  because she ran away when I chased her.  The other one kept spitting at me.  I was not frightened, I was startled,  that is why I yelped. I so wanted to play with them, but they are very fast and I'm not getting any younger.  They even stole my favourite spot on the back of daddy's sofa where the sun shines in.  I like sunbathing, but they crept in every day.  My little brother, Tito ignored them as he does with anything that's not edible.  Cookie the naughty kitten even smacked him a few times.  The only time he threatened them was when they wanted a biscuit wrapper mummy gave him.  All is nice and peaceful in my house again.  Little ones are fun for a while but I'm glad they have gone home. 
This photo makes them look so cute. They are Monsters. L.O.L.

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