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Marshal Of Hel Dorado. ( Fevered Hearts #1) By Heather Long. My Review.

In the shadows of the Old West, that untamed land, live bands of outlaws and outsiders. I a time when fevers could fell whole towns, these few survivors are marked. Marked...and forever changed.
Sam Kane is the oldest brother, the steadfast son and the confident marshal. He´s never met a problem too hot to handle until a gang behind a string of robberies across the territory set their sights on his town. Now with the bank´s gold inexplicably missing from a locked safe, the town hunting the elusive thieves and a passionate redhead with a fiery secret in his jail. Sam has his hands full.
Scarlett Morning Star lived in seclusion in the mountains of West Texas most of her life. She longs for adventure, but with seven very protective older brothers, adventure is hard to come by. When she tags along uninvited on their latest escapade, she is left behind during a bank robbery and finds herself in the custody of the very sexy town marshal.
The town wants to lynch her, the Marshal wants answers and her brothers want her back. Can Scarlett keep it together or will her explosive secret burn them all ?
Her life, His badge , Their fight.

A historical western with a marvellous twist.
Scarlett has been raised in the mountains with her brother's. They often go off on adventures and leave her behind. This time she follows them and ends up getting caught robbing the bank.
Sam is the Marshal of Dorado  and can't believe his eyes when he see the woman who has been left behind by the bank robbers.
He is furious that the gold has vanished,  but determined to protect the woman from the townsfolk. 
Little does Sam know that Scarlett is more than able to protect herself.  She needs to get away from the Marshal before someone get hurt or her brother's come for her.
A wonderful, very unusual paranormal romance.  Our heroine has powers that sometimes get away from her control. She's real hot stuff. Our hero is a fearless and honest man. His father has brought him up to respect all women, no exceptions. All of Scarlett's family are special in totally different ways. I can't wait for Cody's story. Maybe it will be his next, or Kid's. Kid is Sam"s brother, and has a lot to learn about himself I think.  Sam's family are great fun. This will be yet another series that I will have to read every single book. So many brother's who have to have their turn. This will wear out my one click finger.

National bestselling author Heather Long likes long walks in the park, science fiction, superheroes, Marines, and men who aren´t douche bags. She writes snarky women tangled in romance as hot as Texas summertime. From paranormal historical westerns to contemporary military romance. Heather might switch genres, but one thing is true in all her stories- the characters drive the books. When she is not wrangling her menagerie of animals. Heather devotes herself to her family, remembering a time when her Nan used to read her steamy Harlequin novels instead of picture books. Heather believes if you like your heroes so real you could lick the grit off their chest and your heroines so likeable you´re sure you were friends with someone just like them once, you´ll enjoy her worlds almost as much as she does. 

Dear Diary by,M.B.Feeney , Author Spotlight. Excerpt, + Giveaway

The brilliant and loving Mich Feeney has joined the Magic of Books Promotions team. Her talents and expertise will shoot the promotional company into the stars and beyond. To help welcome her into the family, as owner of the company, I present the newest book of the author and friend she has become to me.


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Born and bred in the UK, Holly is getting the chance of a lifetime—six weeks abroad. The Kings, a host family in the US, have invited her to stay with them and get a chance to experience life as an American. When she discovers that the King family includes two teenage boys, will she be glad she came or ready to hightail it back across the pond?

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M. B. Feeney is an army brat who finally settled down in Birmingham, UK with her other half, two kids and a dog. Currently at university studying for her BA (Hons) in primary teaching, she procrastinates on her assignments by listening to music of all genres and trying to get ‘just one more paragraph’ written on whichever WIP is open. She is also a serious doodler and chocoholic. Writing has been her one true love ever since she could spell, and publishing is the final culmination of her hard work and ambition.

Her publishing career began with two novellas, and she currently has multiple projects under way whilst Honour, a compilation of her own military based shorts, was released in November 2013 and her short novel, The One That Got Away was released February 2015. Always having something on the go can often lead to block which eventually gets dissolved by good music and an even better book.

Her main reason for writing is to not only give her readers enjoyment, but also to create a story and characters that stay with readers long after the book is finished, and possibly make someone stop and think “what if...”


I've only just met Mich, but I already see a lifelong friend. Her talents go far beyond writing. She's a thankless mother of two, a loving woman to her soulmate and is always thinking of her friends before herself. Maybe that's one of the reasons she's gone into teaching; a chance to shape the young minds of our future writers. I'm so excited to spend time with a generous and loving personality like hers and to learn and grow from her wealth of expertise. My life will never be the same now that you have entered my life.



Hmm, a personal testimony about Mich (M.B. Feeney) . . . Where to start! Shall I do this like a Best Man speech? Yeah, why not
*pouts that I don’t have a glass of bubbly to toast this awesome girl*

Well, I first ‘met’ Mich quite a few years ago. I can't remember the exact details, but knowing us two, we were probably up to no good. It was online, of course, but that didn’t stop us! We grew close as friends and then we cemented our friendship by meeting up in person. It was at a Twilight convention (don’t groan, it was a fun weekend! Lol).

Here’s what I’ve learned and loved about Mich over the years:

She is fiercely loyal to her friends and family. No matter what, she’s there. No matter what she’s going through herself, she’s there for her friends.

She has a slight music addiction (which we share). I’ve lost count on the artists we’ve talked about over the years lol.

She also adores her cowboy boots (The Boots Stay on!) I swear this addiction was brought on by Jackson Rathbone, but it’s not like I’d complain. Have you seen that man on stage? Phew!

She loves 1 Direction *coughs* Louis *coughs*

She is one hell of a kick arse author! Have you read her books? Damn, this girl can write! She sticks to normal men! Nope, there’s not a billionaire arsehole in sight, thank God!

She’s training to be a teacher. Now, props to her, because being in a classroom of 30+ kids all day . . . nah lol.

But the thing I love about Mich is this. She’s Mich. She puts on no front. What you see is what you get and that’s quite rare in an author. She hates putting herself out there. She hates pimping herself. She’ll bend over backwards for anyone, but ignores herself.

She is an awesome friend and I know that I can count on her for anything. I know she wants the publishing world to take her seriously, because she lives for books – reading and writing.

And Mich, when you get this, when you sit and read this . . . Thanks. Thanks for being such an amazing friend, an awesome author, and someone anyone can instantly love.

*raises cup of tea*

<3 JC Clarke


The moment I read M B Feeney’s first story, I knew I had discovered one seriously talented author. With a British flavour to each of her stories, M B builds strong, unique characters that draw the reader in until they can’t help but become invested. Her latest offering, Dear Diary (The Exchange Series Book 1) is no exception. A great start to what I anticipate will be a fantastic series.
When she’s not busy with writing, her studies and family commitments, M B Feeney is 100 percent committed to supporting the indie writing community. She has not only read and reviewed hundreds, if not thousands of stories over the years, she has always been there to lend an ear, shoulder, or hand any way she can for countless numbers of people.
On a personal level, I’ve known M B Feeney for well over 5 years. She is a true friend, mother, sister and confidante… a woman who is genuine, honest, and generous to a fault. (She is also quite partial to pear cider now and then too lol). She also encouraged me to take my first tentative step into the world of writing, and for that, I will be forever grateful. I can honestly say without a single doubt in my mind, that if it weren’t for one Ms M B Feeney, I would not have become a published author.

L J Harris.


With stories set in England that are witty yet quirky, M.B. Feeney has a way with words that’ll suck you right into her fictional worlds. I'm proud to call her friend.

<3 RE Hargrave

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Bureau Under Siege, Supernatural Enforcement Bureau Series #3, by A.K.Michaels. Blog Tour.+ My Reviews of all Three Books.

Supernatural Enforcement Bureau Series
by A.K. Michaels
Blog Tour

Book One
The Dragon and The Vampire

As Director of the Supernatural Enforcement Bureau, powerful Vampire Ronan, thought he had seen it all...until he discovers that Dragons actually exist. Can he help the Dragon being hunted on his patch? He certainly has the means at his disposal...if they can find it first...before the dark magic-wielding Witches and their Vampire cohorts.

After seeing the magnificent beast with his own eyes he can't turn from the task, even if he wanted to. Especially as his Sire, Josef, gives him a direct command to find the Dragon and keep it safe. No matter the cost.

With rogue Vampires and Witches on its trail, it's only a matter of time before they capture it. That's not something Ronan will allow...not on his watch! He will do whatever it takes to find and save the Dragon, using every powerful being at his disposal, including the dark and dangerous Creed.



This is book#1in the S.E.B. series.
Although I knew the final result of this story (because I read book#2 first) This one was still an exciting book.
Ronan is a vampire and in charge of the Supernatural Enforcement Bureau.  He has been told there are vampires and witches using dark magic and hunting a dragon. When he asks his sire if dragons really exist he is told they do and he must do all in his power to rescue said dragon.
Starr is a dragon and very much alone. Since her brother was taken she has been hunted non stop. She is so very weary of running and hiding.
The S.E.B. is comprised of supernatural beings of every kind. Their job is to stop any rogue supernatural from harming others.

I don't want to say much about the story line. Don't want to spoil it for you. There is almost non stop action and fights in this. The love scenes are hot but not at all crude. All the characters have lots of personality.  This book will certainly draw you into what promises to be a great series. 

Book Two
The Imprisoned Dragon and The Witch

The call finally comes. Serge has located a remote cavern in the Rockies that holds a Dragon prisoner. Time is of the essence. Ronan and Starr rush to implement a rescue party and the Director of the SEB calls on his Sire, Josef, for help. After all, with Josef comes a very powerful Witch and a deadly Wolf. With dark magic in the mix he knows he will need Peri’s power if they’re to have any chance at success.

Plans seem to fall apart as they uncover a plot so mind-blowing that Ronan’s ‘boss’, the President of the United States, wants to send in the troops! Averting that disaster, he realizes the entire load now rests upon his shoulders.

Can he pull off a massive operation, covering the entire United States and beyond? Can Starr withstand a deadly blast of dark magic power?

Read Supernatural Enforcement Bureau, Book 2, The Imprisoned Dragon and The Witch, to find out.


I was lucky enough to receive an A.R.C. of this book, but that will not colour my review in any way.
This is book #2 in the Supernatural Enforcement Bureau series by A.K.Michaels.
I have not read the first book.  This one reads easily as a stand  alone, but it would have been nice to set the author's world in my mind.

Ronan is a vampire, and in charge of the S.E.B. only answering to the President.  The S.E.B. is a very special force made up of Vampires, Werewolves, Witches and other supernatural beings. Starr is a dragon shifter and Ronan's mate. They have heard of a dragon being held by a witch who uses dark magic, and are working to free it. When one of the S.E.B. wolves finds where the dragon is being held there is a major rescue mission organised. The organisation they find is much more far reaching than they thought. It takes every resource they can call on to catch the Dark Witches responsible. 

I loved this book. I wish I had read the first one, but only because I don't want to miss anything.  There is more than one romance happening.  All the characters are strong and interesting.  I want to read about all of them.

Book Three
Bureau Under Siege

Creed’s past has finally caught up with him and it’s not just the dangerous elite guard that is in the firing line. No, everyone involved in the Supernatural Enforcement Bureau headquarters is at risk. Men, women and children are in danger as a Vampire with no mercy, or thought for others, comes to town…bringing his own small army with him. 

The only way to make sure everyone is safe is to work together, striking first when the opportunity presents itself.
Ronan, Sam and Starr work with Creed to keep everyone safe from harm but is it a losing battle? Especially as Ronan fights to keep Starr’s secret from people he loves at the same time! Can they survive unscathed? Can Ronan keep Starr’s secret? Can Creed finally put his past to rest and find peace?
Read Supernatural Enforcement Bureau, Book 3, Bureau Under Siege, to find out.
Packed with hot Vampires, Wolves and even a Dragon!


Another fantastic story for this series.  You could read this as a stand alone,  but you will get the full benefit of all the characters if you read them in order. There are so many different personalities, all are heroes and heroines. I can´t pick a favourite character.
Creed, the ancient vampire who is in charge of the Elite guard,  comes to the fore in this story when his past rises to threaten the whole of the S.E.B. workforce and families. The tragic events that follow will change the lives of many.
The way this author can describe even a werewolf funeral and make it beautiful is marvellous. We also get some more magical flights with our favourite dragon. Plenty more romances in the ranks and a surprise or two.
More Please.

About the Author:

A K Michaels, Ava, was born in Scotland quite a number of years ago! She was married at a young age and is mother to three much loved children. After the birth of her last child she went back to higher education and studied for a year before gaining employment in the banking industry. She worked in that role for a number of years before leaving, both the job and the country.

She lived abroad for a few years before returning to Scotland and finally taking up her dream - writing.

She is the author of the Defender's Blood series of books and other series’ including The Witch, The Wolf and the Vampire, Supernatural Enforcement Bureau and also Sabrina's Vampire, together with a Wolf Erotica Novella, Lori's Wolf. Her books fall into the Paranormal/Urban Fantasy genre and she loves writing those particular kinds of stories where she can let her imagination run wild!

Stalk A.K. Michaels:

Just Dance, ( A Dancer´s Desire Novella #2·5) by Annalie Walker. Blog Tour

Just Dance
A Dancer's Desire Novella
Book 2.5
by Annalie Walker
Blog Tour

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When I moved to New York, I never dreamed that I would end up as a Top Twelve finalist for America's Favorite Dancer. I knew the competition would be a great opportunity for my career, but I had no idea it would turn out to be the best summer of my life. My golden ticket onto the show led to new friendships and hot steamy romances.

However, behind the cool, confidence that I showed the world was a broken heart that had never completely healed. Dance was my ongoing therapy, and I vowed to never let a man get close enough to hurt me ever again.

Instead, I kept my relationships the same way I liked to and unbinding. Was I a heartbreaker? Maybe. But mostly just protecting my own heart.

Now, if I could only forget the love of my life, I would be okay, but until then I would continue to Just Dance.

*Just Dance is a companion novella in the Dancer's Desire series, which can be read alone, but is better as Book 2.5 in the series. It is a short story with a little bit of romance and a whole lot of fun.*

**For Adult Readers 18+ due to strong language and sexy scenes**

Other Books in The Dancer's Desire Series

Pointe of Passion
Book One

Rhythm and Rapture
Book Two


About Annalie Walker

Annalie Walker was born and raised in Louisiana. She is the wife to a sometimes home, sometimes not airline pilot husband and the mother of two fabulous children. If she is not at the soccer field with one, you can find her in the dance studio with the other. Of the two, she is most comfortable in the dance studio since she also grew up there.

She spends her days in the pharmacy, her evenings carpooling kids and her nights lost in a good book. She has always had a passion for reading a good love story, but has just recently discovered the joy in writing. She likes her books the same way she likes her food, spicy. She has just recently published her first novel Pointe of Passion on Amazon.

Annalie's Links


Raphael, The Immortal Youth Series #1 by Monica La Porta. Y.A. My ARC review.

 Raphael has nowhere to go, nobody who loves him , and his passed scarred him deeply. A young werewolf on the run , living rough in the catacombs beneath Rome and with nothing else to call his own but his freedom, he desperately tries to elude the Controller whose goal is to send him back to Renegade Youth Shelter and a life of torments.
As he lives day by day with the constant threat of being captured, his future looks dark and lonely. That is until a chance meeting with Luisa; a werewolf like him whose scent marks her as his one true soul-mate. Much to his despair , their encounter is cut short as he flees from the enforcer chasing after him.
His heart broken and his wolf bereft, Raphael will sacrifice everything to be reunited with Luisa. Even his freedom when he discovers she´s been abducted by a street gang . But will it be enough ?

This is a coming of age paranormal romance,  with a massive difference.
Raphael is a teenage werewolf living alone on the streets of Rome. From an abusive childhood,  he tries to stay away from the authorities that can be just as bad. He knows the city like the back of his hand, including the underground areas that is home to many others rejected  people,  wolves and pumas that live without any pack support.
While running from an enforcer one night he discovers Luisa,  he knows she is his even though they are so young. Life on the run separates them, many times. Raphael will put himself in mortal danger, and put up with any abuse to save Luisa from a ruthless gang of werewolf criminals.
We follow our hero through years of trials and tribulations, while he works to find and save his mate.
A beautiful story that keeps you on the edge of your seat, worrying over the incredible brave young wolf.

Monica La Porta is an Italian who landed in Seattle several years ago . Despite popular feelings about the Northwest weather , she finds the mist and rain the perfect conditions to write.

McKay´s Serial Killer Shifter. ( Highland shifters Paranormal Romance Series #3) by Skye Eagleday. My Review.

McKay´s saga continues in this exciting new third stand alone of the Highland Shifter Paranormal Romance series: McKay´s Werewolf Ways, Roots & Fangs and now McKay´s Serial Killer Shifter.
McKay´s out of control. After being possessed by the lightening wielding spirit of the dead Fae in Roots & Fangs, the Scottish -American is accidentally blowing holes in the Fae Castle when he gets angry--or aroused.
McKay and his Fae lover reach out to their past-- McKay to Mahihkan, the Canadian Werewolf of McKay´s Werewolf Ways, and to the Irish Pooka-- the ultimate Shape Shifter, from Roots & Fangs. All gather in Seattle where they discover the rogue Alpha Werewolf who was the villain in McKays Werewolf Ways,--is on a killing spree, with a hit list of all those who were involved in his being turned over to be executed by an Enforcer-- the "police force" of the Supernatural Community. But this werewolf has done something never known before in history-- he´s killed an Enforcer. Bodies are stacking up-- but the primary targets are Mahihkan  and McKay.

This book is from a series,  which I had not read, so I found it a little confusing until I straightened the characters out in my head. Once I did that,  this became an exciting murder,/mystery. With lots of different supernatural and magical beings coming together to find and finish the bad guys. Not all of the people are happy to meet up with others, there are ex-lovers and new partners. All the while our poor hero is trying to get a grip on this new world he has been thrust into, and the enormous power he now has.
My advice would be to read all the books in order.

Up In A Blaze, ( Texas Vampire Rangers #3) by Alice Brown. Blog Tour

Title: Up In A Blaze
Series: Texas Vampire Rangers #3
Author: Alice Brown
Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance
Host: DRC Promotions

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In book three of Vampire Texas Rangers: When Texas Ranger Donte Chaverez’s boss hands him a new assignment escorting his sister-in-law’s friend, Donte thinks nothing other than just another job. However, what it turns out to be is a life changing experience—a dream he never thought would come true.
Cassandra Vicors is recuperating in the hospital after surviving a horrendous beating at the hands of her best friend’s ex when a Texas Ranger walks through the door, announcing he is there to escort her to Texas.
With Cassandra’s persistent nightmares, then add the fact nothing ever goes right for the Rangers, it is just the beginning of the mystery, one they need to unravel in order to bring the case to a close.
As evil stalks every move, it soon becomes evident the Rangers need outside help in order to see the case through. But will Cassandra be able to handle the fact she is now surrounded by vampires? And will Donte be able to keep her safe long enough to show her what she means to him?
Catch up with your favorite characters and fall in love with a few new ones as the Rangers once again come to the aid of an innocent female in need of their protection.

Other Books In The Series

Up In Flames, Book 1

Up In Smoke, Book 2

About The Author

I am a retired military wife and homeschool mom. I have often joked that we started our second life when daughter graduated from school, and then less than a year later hubby retired from military. But the reality is, we did start a new life, because life as we had known it for so many years, went through a drastic change.

It was about four years ago that my daughter started urging me to write. "You have a great imagination for storytelling!" She insisted. I didn't think so, but decided to give it a try. We spent many hours sitting at our local Wendy's brainstorming the story line for my books. And while she insists I have such a great imagination, she is the one that truly has the gift for writing action scenes and has given me many fantastic ideas to incorporate in my books.
My writing has become a family affair. My husband runs my website; I would have never been able to set it up and have it running smoothly. My daughter helps me keep up with all of the social media, and is now my full time writing partner. It didn't take us very long to realize that we each specialized in different areas, and when put together, we rock! The fact that the family is involved in making my dream come true makes this journey fun. We can be found sitting around the table tossing around ideas for future stories, or how a story can be improved often.
When not writing, I love to read, and play games with the family. Friday night is family game night. I make homemade pizza and we play cards, board games, or WII tennis and bowling. I have broken at least ten WII tennis rackets from hitting the ceiling fan or furniture. I've even come close to hitting my own daughter! She doesn't think it is very amusing, but still loves to sit on the couch and watch mom and dad at war.

Connect with Alice