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WolfeBlade (De Wolfe Pack Generations #4) by Kathryn Le Veque. Historical Romance Release & ARC Review.

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Andreas de Wolfe is the second-eldest de Wolfe grandchild. Son of Troy, he has inherited his father’s comely looks, his aggression, and his talent with a sword. The man is born for battle. But he is picky when it comes to women, the reason he’s not yet married. Unfortunately, when he does fall for a woman, Andreas sets himself up for a hell of a situation... and it could cost him everything.

It’s an all-out battle on the Scottish Marches as the de Wolfe Pack is called to war, the prize being Andreas’ very life.

Having been sent to London on business, Andreas de Wolfe finds himself in a unique position when his task is finished – leisure time. Seeking a diversion, he ends up in a mysterious underground gambling establishment that is full of scandalous, and dangerous, behavior. Those who enter must wear masks and names are never to be revealed. Anonymity prevails.

Enter Gavriella de Leia.

A beautiful young woman with a tortured past, Gavriella is brought to the gambling establishment by her ribald cousins. In her haste to find an exit from the terrible place, she runs into Andreas, who can see through the mask to the frightened young lady beyond. He calms her and an easy flirtation develops. Not even the masks can conceal the powerful attraction building between them. They make a date to discover the truth about one another, but Gavriella never shows up.

Andreas returns home, despondent.

Three months later, Andreas is called with the de Wolfe army to defend a lesser ally from a vicious enemy and Andreas realizes the daughter of the ally is, in fact, his beloved mystery woman. Her father is a long-time ally riddled with madness, and Gavriella is out of her element trying to handle his affairs. Andreas wants to know why she never showed up that day in London, but the truth is more than he bargained for.

In fact, there is something much more sinister afoot.

The truth behind Gavriella is far darker than Andreas could have imagined and he soon finds himself swept up in the horror she is linked to. In the lowlands of Scotland a devil lives, one that wants Gavriella for his very own and will stop and nothing to get her.

It’s all swords on deck to help Andreas save the only woman he has ever loved… or die trying.


Andreas de Wolfe is every inch the warrior he was born to be.  Coming from the greatest family of warriors England has ever seen.  He has been sent to London on business and a little free time sees him and his compatriots discovering some of the more diverse entertainment the city has to offer. 
Cavriella de Leia has been sent to London in disgrace.  Through no fault of her own she had a child out of wedlock and her father can't bear to look at her.  Her aunt and cousins are not the most welcoming family to stay with.  One late night adventure that she never wanted will take her to her worst emotional place yet,  but maybe it will bring about a turn in her luck.  
As usual with this author's books, the depth of the characters we meet draw us in from the first page to the last.  
There is a lot of emotion and giggles galore.  The men of all ages sometimes behave like little boys. When the fighting starts though you can almost see each blow.  
Even if this is the first book you have read from this author you will fall in love with the characters and want to read many more.  Each book has it's own story but you will visit with friends from other books. 
I loved every page.  


Juggernaut Indie author Kathryn Le Veque is a 'tour de force' in publishing.

Kathryn is a critically acclaimed 21-time USA TODAY Bestselling author, a charter Amazon All-Star author, an Indie Reader top seller, and a #1 bestselling, award-winning, multi-published author in Medieval Historical Romance with over 100 published novels.

Among her many accomplishments, she is the CEO of Dragonblade Publishing, the #1 Historical Romance e-book publisher on Amazon. In 2020, Kathryn collaborated with Sourcebooks publishing for a Medieval Fight Club series set in Scotland.


Hidden Hart (Headstrong Harts #3) by Emily Royal. Historical Romance Release & ARC Review.

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A lasting friendship, a dream sacrificed, a life destroyed.

Major Devon Hart, the ultimate rake, had women flocking to his bed, until a street brawl four years ago left him scarred, inside and out. His once-handsome face now damaged beyond recognition, he remains hidden, except at night, when he dispenses his own brand of justice on the streets of London. He has nothing to live for except his friendship with Colonel Fossett, who saved his life, and his love for Lady Atalanta Grey, a woman he can only hope to admire from afar.

Lady Atalanta longs to be loved for something other than her wealth and beauty. Her life holds no excitement, until the night she’s set upon by thieves. The masked stranger who comes to her aid stirs delicious passions with tender words and scorching kisses, but he disappears before she can identify him.

Devon believes that Atalanta could never love the scarred, bitter man he’s become. But when Fossett asks for Devon’s help in wooing her, Devon must choose between sacrificing his dream of happiness, or betraying the man to whom he owes everything.

When a man has little to live for, will he sacrifice his dreams for the sake of a friend?

Headstrong Harts
What the Hart Wants
Queen of my Hart
Hidden Hart


Major Devon Hart used to be able to charm any woman into his bed,  and he didn't care if they were married or not. Since his injury he believes that he got the justice he deserves.  Now unable to face polite society, he prowls the night protecting those who need it.  Our hero is a tortured soul with only one true friend. 
Lady Atalanta Grey is a beautiful heiress , and dislikes all the shallow flattery that comes her way.  She would much rather spend her time learning about medical matters from the Doctor at the hospital. 
Our heroine is lucky enough to have loving and understanding parents that allow her to study and help where she wants.  
An emotional story with characters you will easily fall in love with.  The Hart family are a mixed bunch.  Wealthy because the head of the family is a Banker,  but outside of the highest society for the same reason. 
This is the third book in the series where each book can be read on it's own.  I will definitely be reading all of them.  


Emily Royal is a mathematics geek who grew up in Sussex, England and has always had a passion for romance and hot alpha males in need of redemption. After graduating from Oxford and enjoying a brief dream of becoming an airline pilot she started a career in financial services to indulge her love of mathematics.

She now lives in rural Scotland with her husband, two daughters and a menagerie of pets including Twinkle, an attention-seeking boa constrictor. She re-ignited her love of romance when she joined the Romantic Novelists' Association.

When not working on algebra, writing or keeping Twinkle from slithering over her keyboard, Emily enjoys painting, playing the piano and can often be found wandering in the Highlands of Scotland looking for inspiration.

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Mysterious Lover (Crime & Passion #1) by Mary Lancaster. Historical Romance / Murder Mystery. Release & ARC Review.

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Welcome to a thrilling new series, "Crime & Passion," from USA Today Bestselling Author Mary Lancaster.

London, 1851

In the shadow of the Great Exhibition, poverty and crime stalk the meaner backstreets of the city. But sin is not confined to the underworld. One couple passes seamlessly between the neighboring worlds of privilege and privation, solving crimes and enabling love to bloom.

An unforgettable night at the opera...

When she accompanies her family to Covent Garden, Lady Grizelda Niven does not expect to be discovered in a nearby back street, clutching a dagger over the dead body of her maid. However, she is even more surprised when the police arrest, not her, but, the devastatingly handsome young man who found her. Clearly, it behooves her to have him released and to enlist his alliance in discovering who truly killed Nancy.

Dragan Tizsa, a Hungarian refugee doctor, revolutionary, and soldier, lives constantly with the anguish of loss. The death of one more acquaintance makes little difference to him, except that it brings the vital and eccentric Griz into his life. He is a man who likes puzzles, and the mystery that is Griz soon assumes as much importance as that of the murder.

As they work together to unravel the layers of Nancy’s life and discover why she died, friendship and attraction blossom, much to her family’s unease. From the danger of London’s underworld, to the glittering salons of her married sister, Griz and Dragan look out for each other. But is she right to believe in her new friend when the evidence begins to tell against him?

And as she comes face to face with the killer at last, is love and happiness forever beyond her reach?


Lady Griselda Niven sees her maid acting strangely somewhere she had no business being,  so she follows her. What happens next is the most shocking thing she has ever seen.  
Dragan Tizsa is a Hungarian refugee and a doctor's assistant.  When an acquaintance asks to meet he doesn't expect to be arrested for her murder. 
Our heroine might be the daughter of a Duke but she is happily living as an unnoticed and independent woman.  She does what she wants with little to no supervision. 
Our hero's revolutionary ideas and status make him the ideal person to pin the crime on.  
An absolutely fascinating murder /mystery and historical romance all in one.  There is plenty of intrigue, excitement and even a few giggles.  
This is the first in the series and I can t wait to read the rest.  
I loved it.  


Mary Lancaster's first love was historical fiction. Since then she has grown to love coffee, chocolate, red wine and black and white films - simultaneously where possible. She hates housework.

As a direct consequence of the first love, she studied history at St. Andrews University, after which she worked variously as editorial assistant, researcher and librarian. Although she has always written stories for her own entertainment, she began to make serious efforts toward publication in order to distract herself from a job she disliked. She now writes full time at her seaside home in Scotland, which she shares with her husband and three children.

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The Warrior and the Wildflower (Forgotten Flowers of Flanders #1) by Everley Gregg. Historical Romance Release & ARC Review.

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She dreams of a knight… but he shuns the title. Can he win her heart?

Read the exciting new Medieval Romance series by debut author Everly Gregg!

Fifteenth Century, Burgundy.

Eva of Utrecht is an unrecognized, illegitimate daughter of the Duke Philip III. She fears she will never rise above her roots as a simple tailor’s daughter. Her birth defect, a club foot, brands her even less desirable. When the missive arrives inviting her to attend the May Day Festival at Coudenburg Castle, hope rallies.

Under Lady Isabella’s wing, Eva blossoms into a confident young woman—one blinded by pride. She sets her sights on the life of a lady, determined to win the love of a gallant knight. Little does she expect her heart to be swept away by a simple horseman who’s shunned his chance at knighthood.

Mathieu of Liège was on a warrior’s path when he brutally witnessed how power can taint the title. He bears the scar on his face and the horrible memory as reminders. The ostler believes he does not need the sword and spurs to uphold the principles of chivalry. He leads a simple life, training the horses and hunting birds for Duke Philip's court. Mathieu, though, is lonely, and dreams of finding a lady love to share his life, one who will appreciate his quiet strength and infallible dignity.

When Matthieu falls hard for Eva, he must find a way to convince her of his valor... even if he doesn’t wear the armor.

Can their love take flight?


Eva of Utrecht is the illegitimate daughter of Duke Phillip.  Born with a club foot and raised by her mother and her husband, Eva had no hope of a better life.  That was until her true father's Duchess sent for her. 
Mathieu of Liège has warrior blood in his veins but refuses to become a Knight.  He is happier looking after and training the animals in the Duke's stables. 
This historical romance is very different to most.  Not only is our heroine living with a permanent disability but our hero is a lowly ostler with no ambition to be anything else. 
The sisters are all fascinating characters and hopefully will each get their own story.  There is plenty of adventure, danger and one very helpful little owl.  
I loved it. 


Everley has been fascinated with the Middle Ages ever since the second grade, when a book on Early Netherlandish painting arrived in her lap. The glossy pictures of these works fascinated her, haunted her, and eventually led her to an obsession with all things medieval.

Renaissance Faire, anyone?

In undergrad, Everley studied Latin so extensively, there wasn't even a class for her--they assigned her a private tutor so she could advance in this "dead" language--one she spoke as if she'd known it all her life. She went on to study manuscript illumination, and earned her MFA in creative writing from Lesley University.

After publishing a number of romance novels in several genres under the pen name Claire Gem, Everley decided to go for it: write the medieval romances living in her heart all of her life.

All of Everley's historical novels are, as you might have guessed, firmly based in true history. Research? Another obsession.

Everley resides in New England, USA with her HEA husband of 42 years and a very spoiled Persian cat. She loves to hear from her readers!

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The Spinster and the Rake (Never a Wallflower #1) by Eva Devon. Historical Romance Release & ARC Review.

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The marriage game is afoot in this clever blend of My Fair Lady meets Pride and Prejudice with a twist!

Edward Stanhope, the icy Duke of Thornfield, likes his life in a certain order. Give him a strong drink, a good book, and his dog for company, and he’s content. But when he goes to his library and finds a woman sitting in his chair, petting his dog, what starts as a request for her to leave quickly turns to a fiery battle of wits, leading to a steamy kiss that could ruin them both if they were caught.

So of course, damn it all, that’s when Edward’s aunt walks in, and thereafter announces Miss Georgiana Bly is the future Duchess of Thornfield.

Georgiana was content to be a spinster, spending her days reading and working to keep her family out of debt. But now her days are spent locked away with a growly duke, learning how to be the perfect duchess, and her nights spent fighting the undeniable attraction to a man who was never meant for her.

As their wedding day approaches, the attraction between them burns hot and fierce, but is it enough to melt the duke’s chilly facade?


Edward Stanhope, Duke of Thornfield is known for his icy control and arrogance,  nobody knows just how hard that control is for him.  
Miss Georgiana Bly comes from a loving but slightly strange family. She has no thoughts of marriage,  and likes to hide away from crowds.  
Our characters seem to come from two very different worlds,  but now they must find a way to find some happiness together.  She must learn a lot to be worthy of her new life, but so must he. 
A very emotional story with unusual characters that will fascinate you from the first to the last page.  
I loved it.  


USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR, Eva Devon, was raised on literary fiction, but quite accidentally and thankfully, she was introduced to romance one Christmas by Johanna Lindsey's Mallory novella, The Present. A romance addict was born. She devoured every single Lindsey novel within a few months and moved on to contemporary and paranormal with gusto. Now, she loves to write her own roguish dukes, alpha males and the heroines who tame them. She loves to hear from her readers. So please pen her a note!

The Rakehell of Roth (Everleigh Sisters #2) by Amalie Howard. Historical Romance Release & ARC Review.

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In this game of seduction, the rules don't apply...

As owner of the most scandalous club in London, the last thing the notorious Marquess of Roth wants is a wife. Keeping up his false reputation as a rake brings in the clients with the deepest pockets—money he needs to fund a noble cause. Even though everything inside tells him not to leave his beautiful, innocent wife behind at his country estate...he must.

But three years later, tired of her scoundrel of a husband headlining the gossip rags, Lady Isobel Vance decides enough is enough. She is no longer a fragile kitten, but as the anonymous author of a women’s sexual advice column, she’s now a roaring tigress...and she can use her claws.

Isobel decides to go to him in London, channeling her powers of seduction to make him beg to take her back. But she didn’t expect her marauding marquess to be equally hard to resist. Now the game is on to see who will give in to the other first, with both sides determined like hell to win.


Winter Vance,  the Marquess of Roth doesn't want a wife,  but his father is being his usual stubborn self. Just because he has to take a wife doesn't mean he has to live with her. 
Lady Isabel Roth is fed up with being ignored so it's time to take control of what she wants.  London and a grand adventure await.  
There is much more to both our lead characters than anyone could guess. Secrets and denials are the rule,  and sexual tension is running high.  There are also plenty of giggles between all the females.  
I loved it.  


Amalie Howard’s love of romance developed after she started pilfering her grandmother’s novels in high school when she should have been studying. She has no regrets. A #1 Amazon bestseller and a national IPPY silver medalist, she is the author of My Rogue, My Ruin, the first in the Lords of Essex historical romance series, as well as several award-winning young adult novels critically acclaimed by Kirkus, Publishers Weekly, VOYA, School Library Journal, and Booklist, including WaterfellThe Almost Girl, and Alpha Goddess, a Kid’s IndieNext pick. She currently resides in Colorado with her husband and three children. Visit her website for the latest news and information.

Duke of Renown (Dukes of Distinction #1) by Alexa Aston. Historical Romance Release & ARC Review.

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Who doesn’t love a duke? How about five of them?

Welcome to bestselling author Alexa Aston’s new Regency romance series, the Dukes of Distinction! These five aristocrats all come with nicknames Polite Society has bestowed upon them. Renown. Charm. Disrepute. Arrogance. Honor.

A woman with a broken heart...

A soldier who never dreamed he’d become a duke...

Phoebe Smythe, Countess of Borwick, suffers a tragic miscarriage when she learns her husband and young son have been killed in a carriage accident. The grieving widow retreats to an isolated cottage on the coast of Cornwall, where she finds a smuggler who’s washed ashore, blood leaking from a bullet wound.

Captain Andrew Graham returns home from the Napoleonic Wars after the death of his older brother, finding his father on his deathbed. Soon he becomes the Duke of Windham and must deal not only with numerous responsibilities but his wayward half-brother, who has amassed a mountain of debt and then shoots Andrew so he can become the new duke.

Andrew awakens to an angel of mercy, Mrs. Smith, a middle-class widow who nurses him back to health. She thinks he’s a criminal, which amuses him, but he soon falls in love with her beauty and spirit. On the day he decides to ask for her hand in marriage, she disappears and he has no way to find her—until he spies her across a London ballroom.

Though her heart belongs to the Cornish smuggler she left behind, Phoebe places herself once more on the Marriage Mart. She yearns to be a mother again—which means finding a husband.

What will Phoebe do when she learns that her Mr. Andrew is none other than the famous Duke of Renown?

Find the answer in The Duke of Renown, Book 1 in the Dukes of Distinction.

Each book in Dukes of Distinction is a standalone story that can be enjoyed out of order and can be read for free in Kindle Unlimited.

Series Order:
Book #1: Duke of Renown
Book #2: Duke of Charm
Book #3: Duke of Disrepute
Book #4: Duke of Arrogance
Book #5: Duke of Honor


After a terrible tragedy Phoebe Smythe, Countess of Borwick rents a cottage on the Cornish coast.  The peace and isolation is helping her heal. 
The news from home means that Captain Andrew Graham is forced to leave the war and his men to take up other duties. What he will face is going to be just as difficult and dangerous. 
This is a very amusing and at times tragic historical romance.  Our characters have very good reasons for leaving society behind. Will that help or hinder them as they move forward with their lives? 
Really good fun.  


Alexa Aston’s historical romances use history as a backdrop to place her characters in extraordinary circumstances, where their intense desire for one another grows into the treasured gift of love.

She is the author of The Knights of Honor, a medieval romance series that takes place in 14th century England during the reign of Edward III and centers on the de Montfort family. Each romance focuses on the code of chivalry that bound knights of this era.

A native Texan, Alexa lives with her husband in a Dallas suburb, where she eats her fair share of dark chocolate and plots out stories while she walks every morning. She enjoys reading, watching movies, and can’t get enough of Fixer Upper or Game of Thrones. Alexa also writes romantic suspense, western historical, and standalone medieval novels as Lauren Linwood. 

Connect with Alexa:
 Website * Goodreads * Facebook * Twitter


Becket (The Montbryce Dynasty #1) by Anna Markland Historical Romance Release & ARC Review.

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In the almost 150 years since 1066, the Montbryce family has established a powerful dynasty with extensive estates in England and Normandy.

But change is in the wind.
The French have ousted King John from Normandy by capturing Château Gaillard after a long siege. The duchy, independent since the time of Rollo, is now part of France. Becket de Montbryce is fated to be the first of his line to inherit the family’s lands and titles as a Frenchman. Ironically, he was in command of the Norman troops who fought alongside the French.

A dangerous secret.
Having escaped the besieged castle in the guise of a nun, Marguerite d’Aigremont must find a way to get back to her native England—without anyone discovering she is King John’s cousin. She despises the Normans who sided with their age-old enemy to bring about king John’s ouster as Duke of Normandy. But she is dependent on Becket if she’s to have any hope of returning to England. Despite their differences, Becket and Marguerite are drawn to each other.

Will the Montbryce Dynasty survive intact when King Philip of France discovers the family has aided King John’s cousin?


Becket de Montbryce is not happy about supporting the French King Philip conquer a Norman stronghold but it is better for his homeland of Normandy than the English King John.  The siege of this stronghold has cost far too many lives, but at least it's over now. He will do his best to help those he can. 
Marguerite d'Aigremont knows that her family connections will be the death of her if the French army catch her. Luckily one of the Nuns gives her a chance to escape. 
Secrets and outright lies are sometimes the only way to survive in war.  Our heroine has very few choices, but is she brave enough to make the right one?  Our hero knows when he is being lied to, and will not fall for a dishonest woman again.  
An exciting historical romance that starts a new generation of the Montbryce dynasty.  You don't have to have read the others to enjoy this one,  but it's nice to revisit old friends.  
I loved it. 


I’m a Canadian author with a keen interest in genealogy. I write medieval romance about family honour, ancestry, and roots. My novels are intimate love stories full of passion and adventure.

Passion conquers whatever obstacles a hostile medieval world can throw in its path. My page-turning adventures have earned me a place on Amazon’s All-Star list.

Besides writing, I have two addictions-crosswords and genealogy, probably the reason I love research. I am a fool for cats. My husband is an entrepreneur who is fond of boasting he’s never had a job.

I live on Canada’s scenic west coast now, but I was born and raised in the UK and I love breathing life into the history of my homeland.