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The Mackenzie Regent (The Sinclair Jewels #2) by Caroline Lee. Historical Romance Release & ARC Review.

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Four years ago, Jamie Mackenzie lost everything - the woman he loved, the use of his hands, and his honor. 

Book 2 in the Mysterious "Sinclair Jewels" series is now available! Read for Free with Kindle Unlimited! 

Alcohol became the only thing which offered solace to Jamie and he was satisfied to drink himself into an early grave… until his older brother died, leaving his clan without a leader, and his young nephew Callan without a regent. Reluctantly, Jamie steps into the role, little realizing it would include a marriage contract. 

Her mission is returning her clan’s honor. 

A year ago, Agata, the oldest of the Sinclair jewels, thought herself satisfied. She was married to a cruel man, but at least he—as the Mackenzie laird—had given her a precious stepson Callan and hope for future children. Now widowed and returned to her clan, Agata has given up on her dream of a family until she finds a new mission with her sisters: finding and restoring the ancient Sinclair jewels. 

Stolen generations ago from the brooch which marked the Sinclair lairds’ power, these jewels are more myth than reality, even to the Sinclair sisters who were named after the stones. When they find evidence the stones are hidden in the Mackenzie holding, Agata jumps at the chance to see little Callan again. But her mission conflicts with her personal dream when she discovers she's been contracted to marry the lad’s drunken uncle. 

Is Jamie as cruel as his brother? Can Agata help him overcome his dependence on ale and learn to see himself as strong and capable…or will he spend the rest of his life focusing on what he lost? 

And where exactly are the missing Sinclair jewels? 

The Sinclair Jewels 
Book 1 - The Sinclair Hound 
Book 2 - The Mackenzie Regent 
Book 3 - The Sutherland Devil 
Book 4 - The MacLeod Pirate 


Agata Sinclair is one of four sisters known to their clan as the Highland jewels.  Each named after a stone in the long missing family heirloom.  Legend has it that they have to find the actual jewels to save the clan. 
The new marriage her father has arranged for her is one she is looking forward to for many reasons.  It doesn't quite start the way she would hope. 
Jamie MacKenzie is the uncle to the young clan chief,  so should act on his behalf until he comes of age.  Unfortunately for the clan Jamie is carrying demons from the past ,and drowning himself in drink. 
This is a fun Highland adventure with very strong family values. Our heroine is a strong and loving woman, determined to save all her loved ones. 
While each book in this series can be read alone, the series is best read in order. 
Good fun. 


USA Today bestselling author Caroline Lee has been reading romance for so long that her fourth-grade teacher used to make her cover her books with paper jackets. But it wasn’t until she (mostly) grew up that she realized she could WRITE it too. So she did.
Caroline is living her own little Happily Ever After in NC with her husband, sons, and brand-new daughter, Princess Wiggles. And while she doesn’t so much “suffer” from Pittakionophobia as think all you people who enjoy touching Band-Aids and stickers are the real weirdos, she does adore rodents, and never met a wine she didn’t like. Caroline was named Time Magazine’s Person of the Year in 2006 (along with the rest of you) and is really quite funny in person. Promise.

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Kingdom of War - Hunter's Story (Kingdom Journals #5) by Tricia Copeland. Urban Fantasy Book Tour.

Title: Kingdom of War - Hunter's Story
Series: Kingdom Journals #5
Author: Tricia Copeland
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Release Date: June 21, 2019
They were just imaginary childhood friends until Alena found in him in a library thirteen years later. In their quest to find the third of the trinity, they created a coven of witches, eight souls shouldered with the burden of breaking an age-old curse. But someone must lead, and from the moment he became a full witch, Hunter knew it had to be him. His power, the magic coursing through his veins, hungered for a life of its own. Can he control his own demons? Will Alena, Camille, and Hunter figure out how to break the curse or will the darkness consume them?

Tricia Copeland grew up in Georgia and now lives in Colorado with her family. Her books include the clean new adult Being Me Series, Is This Me?, If I Could Fly, Thinking You Know Me, and the final installment, Being Me, as well as a young adult novellas, Drops of Sunshine and the Lovelock Chronicles, Lovelock Ones: Native One, published in The Butterfly Box. If she’s not out running, you can find Tricia at or your favorite social media.

Side Chick Nation (A Justice Hustlers Novel) by Aya de León. Romantic Suspense, Urban Fiction Book Tour & Giveaway.


by Aya de León
A Justice Hustlers Novel
Publication Date: June 25, 2019 
  Genres: Adult, Romantic Suspense, Urban Fiction, Feminist Crime, Standalone


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A Justice Hustlers Novel
She’s beautiful, unpredictable–and on the run from dangerous men. But this  ex-side chick is ready to risk everything to help others in trouble . . . 
Fed up with her married Miami boyfriend, savvy Dulce has no problem stealing his  drug-dealer stash and fleeing to her family in the Caribbean. But when she gets bored in rural Santo Domingo, she escapes on a sugar daddy adventure to Puerto Rico. Her new life is one endless party, until she’s caught in Hurricane Maria–and witnesses the brutal collision of colonization and climate change, as well as the international vultures who plunder the tragedy for a financial killing, making shady use of relief funds to devastate the island even more. Broke, traumatized, and stranded, Dulce’s only chance to get back to New York may be a sexy, crusading journalist who’s been pursuing her. But is she hustling him or falling for him?
Meanwhile, New York-based mastermind thief Marisol already has her hands full fleecing a ruthless CEO who’s stealing her family’s land in Puerto Rico, while trying to get her relatives out alive after the hurricane. An extra member in her crew could be game-changing, but she’s wary of Dulce’s unpredictability and reputation for drama. Still, Dulce’s determination to get justice draws Marisol in, along with her formidable Lower East Side Women’s Health Clinic’s heist squad. But their race-against-the-clock plan is soon complicated by powerful men who turn deadly when ex-side chicks step out of the shadows and demand to call the shots . . .
Praise forAya de Leon and her novels
“Staking out space for women of color in the heist-fiction genre, Aya de Leon’s smart, sly writing is a knockout.” –Andi Zeisler, Bitch magazine “This well-written and enjoyable installment in de Leon’s unique, feminist, urban crime-fiction series . . . infuses satisfying power in both plot and character.” Booklist on The Boss, STARRED review




Aya de León teaches creative writing in UC Berkeley’s African American Studies Department. Her award-winning Justice Hustlers series has received acclaim in the Washington Post, Jacobin Magazine, and The Establishment. Her work has also appeared in Ebony, Essence, Guernica, Plougshares, The Root, VICE, and on Def Poetry. She is an alumna of Cave Canem and VONA.

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