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The Wicked Waif (Blackhaven Brides Book 11) by Mary Lancaster. Historical Romance Release & ARC Review

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Welcome to Blackhaven, where the great and the bad of visiting Regency society STILL turns local life upside down!

Book 11 "The Wicked Waif" in the Blackhaven Brides Series is now available. Read for Free with Kindle Unlimited!

Where there is love, there is life…

When Tillie is pulled from the stormy sea off the coast of Blackhaven, she is injured, traumatized, and remembers nothing of her previous life, not even her real name. In a frightening, unknown world she clings only to her rescuer, Major Dominic Doverton.

Dove is the quiet man of Blackhaven. Outside his regiment, no one knows of his heroism or its tragic consequences. He is at peace with his fate. Only Tillie, with her innate kindness, curiosity, and mischief breaks through his aloofness to his secret.

However, the mystery of her identity seems to be mixed up with a conspiracy to free Bonaparte from Elba and finding Tillie’s family only unleashes more danger – and threatens to separate her forever from the man she loves. Dove will take on the world to protect her, but does he have the will to fight again for his own fate?

Blackhaven Brides Series 
Book 1 - The Wicked Baron
Book 2 - The Wicked Lady
Book 3 - The Wicked Rebel
Book 4 - The Wicked Husband
Book 5 - The Wicked Marquis
Book 6 - The Wicked Governess
Book 7 - The Wicked Spy
Book 8 - The Wicked Gypsy
Book 9 - The Wicked Wife
Book 10 - Wicked Christmas (Holiday Novella)
Book 11 - The Wicked Waif
Book 12 - The Wicked Heir
Book 13 - The Wicked Captain
Book 14 - The Wicked Sister


Major Dominic Doverton is stationed with the army at Blackhaven. Everyone tiptoes around him because of the nasty wound he is still recovering from.  When a storm causes a shipwreck he rallies the troops to rescue as many from the ship as possible.  He drags more out of the water than could be expected. 
Tillie can remember nothing from before her rescue. The only lasting impression is one of great fear.  The good folk of Blackhaven are very helpful and friendly. 
Something bad is in our heroine's past and it soon finds her again.  Is our wounded hero fit enough to solve the mystery and save the lady. 
A very exciting story that fits in well with the other books from the Blackhaven series.  The characters are fabulous and we meet several old friends from the other books. 
Great fun. 


Mary Lancaster's first love was historical fiction. Since then she has grown to love coffee, chocolate, red wine and black and white films - simultaneously where possible. She hates housework.

As a direct consequence of the first love, she studied history at St. Andrews University, after which she worked variously as editorial assistant, researcher and librarian. Although she has always written stories for her own entertainment, she began to make serious efforts toward publication in order to distract herself from a job she disliked. She now writes full time at her seaside home in Scotland, which she shares with her husband and three children.

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