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Game of Spies by Pamela Mingle. Historical Romance Release & ARC Review.

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Life as a lady-in-waiting for Mary Queen of Scots isn’t at all what Isabel Tait expected. But she must either tolerate the mindless partying and ceaseless backstabbing of Mary’s other ladies, or risk being sent home to a forced marriage. She’d almost rather return to her family—if not for a certain handsome gentleman who arouses a new desire in her, something she’s never before experienced. Of course, he’ll never notice her…

Gavin Cade is on a mission. Tasked with spying on the Queen, he’s found the perfect woman to help. Sweet, shy Isabel is an easy target for his charms. Before he knows what’s happened, he is the one beguiled. With the fate of England in the balance, he must keep his plan to expose the treasonous queen a secret, or he will never seduce his sweet English rose.

Because there’s one thing he’s learned about Isabel Tait…she’s got a backbone of steel and may never forgive him.


Isabel Tait has never left home before but her mother wants to get remarried and wants her out of the home. 
Luckily before she is forced into a loveless marriage she is offered a respectable alternative.  Little does our naive heroine know,  that what she's getting into  when she joins the exciled Queen Mary's ladies could kill her. 
Gavin Cade has been sent to spy on Mary.  It's a job he hates but it needs to be done.  Danger is everywhere and nobody can be trusted.  Our hero has reason not to trust easily and a house full of scheming females is just about his worst nightmare. 
An intriguing story with great characters.  It might be easy for us to know who the bad guys are,  but not our characters.  How many will die before the full plot is uncovered????
I loved it. 



Pamela Mingle is a former teacher and librarian who was fortunate enough to choose writing as a third career. Or maybe it chose her. :) She loves to create romantic tales that play out against historical events and always includes some humor in her books. 

Pam and her husband enjoy walking in the UK--even though she's done her share of whining on those fifteen-mile days. The walking trips have been an ideal way to discover new settings for her books.

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