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The Blood King (Inferno Rising #2) by Abigail Owen, Paranormal Romance Release & ARC Review.

Ruthless dragon king Ladon Ormarr must keep his throne at all costs. And now, with war on the horizon, he’ll need a miracle. Luckily, the fates have dropped Skylar Amon right into his lap.
Except he may have met his match.
The feisty Amon sister has no fear—of him or any other dragon shifter—is brash, doesn’t stick to protocols, and regularly offends his warriors and advisers.
Skylar also has no intention of sticking around. She doesn't believe in the whole destined mates thing and believes all dragon kings to be dangerous. But if it means taking out the High King who murdered her parents, she'll put up with Ladon...temporarily.
But the fates have other plans. And when Skylar disappears in the middle of a battle, Ladon will burn down the world to find her.
Each book in the Inferno Rising series is STANDALONE:
* The Rogue King
* The Blood King


Landon Ormarr is the King of the blue dragons. Known to many as the Blood King. There is a terrible war between some of the dragon clans all because of a deranged old dragon that has held onto the title of High King for far too long. He rules through fear and with the help of his witch lover.
Skylar Amon is a phoenix. There is only ever supposed to be one in existence at a time, but she has three sisters. They all got sent into hiding by their mother as she died.  Skylar is about to rescue one of the others. She hopes. 
This is a very exciting paranormal romance that is the second in a series that should be read in order.  The magical battles are incredible.  Fabulous characters that will have you on the edge of your seat all the way through.  Once you start you won't be able to put it down.  Then our sneaky author gives us a little tease to make sure we can't wait for the next book.  
Very exciting.



Award-winning paranormal romance author, Abigail Owen, grew up consuming books and exploring the world through her writing. She attempted to find a practical career related to her favorite pastime by earning a degree in English Rhetoric (Technical Writing). However, she swiftly discovered that writing without imagination is not nearly as fun as writing with it.

No matter the genre, she loves to write witty, feisty heroines, sexy heroes who deserve them, and a cast of lovable characters to surround them (and maybe get their own stories). She currently resides in Austin, Texas, with her own personal hero, her husband, and their two children, who are growing up way too fast.

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Abigail also writes award-winning contemporary romance under the name Kadie Scott.

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Hollywood Flirt (Hollywood Name Game, #2) by Alexa Aston. Contemporary Romance Release & ARC Review.

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From internationally bestselling romance author Alexa Aston - Book Two in the exciting Hollywood Name Game – a stunning new contemporary romance series.

She’s Hollywood royalty whose trail vanished a dozen years ago.

He doesn’t do relationships and thinks commitment is a four-letter word.

They Google each other . . . and sparks fly . . .

Sydney Revere, the daughter of a famous movie couple, left Hollywood behind over a decade ago. Christened The Wild Child by the media, she reinvents herself as a serious student who becomes an attorney and marries a safe, predictable man. When her husband cheats on her and the law loses its glitter, Sydney returns to Hollywood. Her father hires her to storyboard his upcoming movie, No Regrets—and then stuns Sydney when he offers her the job as his assistant director.

Dash DeLauria is a rising actor who hasn’t trusted a woman since his mother left. He’s now the guardian of his mentally-challenged brother. Dash is looking to grow professionally and after he wins the lead in No Regrets, he finds he’s lost his heart and soul to Sydney. With both their careers on the upswing, life is sweet.

But Sydney’s ex-husband isn’t finished with her yet. Discovering who she really is—and that she’s wealthy—he tracks her to California, ready to start over with her again.

No matter what it takes . . .

Hollywood Flirt is the second book in the Hollywood Name Game series. Each book in the series is a standalone story that can be enjoyed out of order. Book 1 is already out and Books 3-5 are coming in 2020.
Series order:
Book 1 – Hollywood Heartbreaker
Book 2 – Hollywood Flirt
Book 3 – Hollywood Player
Book 4 – Hollywood Double
Book 5 – Hollywood Enigma


Sydney Brown has achieved quite a lot in her existence, but she's never been truely happy.  It's time for her to reclaim who she really is and what she wants.  Unfortunately you can't always leave the past behind.
Dash DeLauria is doing very well in his career as an action star in Hollywood. He always has a beautiful woman on his arm or in his bed.  But he wants more from both his career and his life.  There is much more to him than the public know and one person in his life who he loves above all.  
This is a contemporary romance with a dash of suspense and danger.  Lots of fascinating characters that are very easy to love,  and a great story full of love in all it's forms. Our heroine shows just how strong and capable she is.  
Very good fun.


Alexa Aston’s historical romances use history as a backdrop to place her characters in extraordinary circumstances, where their intense desire for one another grows into the treasured gift of love.

She is the author of The Knights of Honor, a medieval romance series that takes place in 14th century England during the reign of Edward III and centers on the de Montfort family. Each romance focuses on the code of chivalry that bound knights of this era.

A native Texan, Alexa lives with her husband in a Dallas suburb, where she eats her fair share of dark chocolate and plots out stories while she walks every morning. She enjoys reading, watching movies, and can’t get enough of Fixer Upper or Game of Thrones. Alexa also writes romantic suspense, western historical, and standalone medieval novels as Lauren Linwood. 

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Magnar (The Wolves of Clan Sutherland, #1) by Mary Morgan. Historical / Paranormal Romance Release & ARC Review.

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Known as the Barbarian, Magnar MacAlpin is a fierce ruler for those under his command. As leader of the Wolves of Clan Sutherland, his loyalty and obedience lies with Scotland. However, the king’s last demand is not something Magnar will tolerate.

After Elspeth Gunn’s brother the Chieftain of Castle Steinn is murdered, she flees with her nephew, and finds safety amongst a band of men who are rumored to be part wolf. When the king forces her to wed a heathen Northman, she fears losing her heart and soul not only to the man, but the beast as well.

In order to restore peace to a shattered clan, Magnar and Elspeth travel a treacherous path that challenges their beliefs. When evil seeks to destroy ancient traditions, will Magnar be compelled to restrain his wolf or allow him free to protect those he loves?


Magnar MacAlpin is the leader of the Wolves of Clan Sutherland . He and his wolves are the elite guards to King William of Scotland.  The last time he was at his family home on the island the discovery he made would cause him a good deal of heartache.
Our hero has a lot going on in his life and his emotions will be at the forefront for a long time to come.  
Elsbeth Gunn is on the run with her young nephew.  Her brother has been killed and she must find them help.  Our heroine is much more important than she could ever know,  and she holds the key to great power.  
This is a very exciting, historical and magical romance that links the old norse gods with Highlanders and our shape shifting wolves.  Lots of action and family drama from our fabulous characters.  
This is the first of a new series that I'm already addicted to.  I can't wait for the next story. 
I loved every page.


Scottish paranormal romance author, Mary Morgan resides in Northern California, with her own knight in shining armor. However, during her travels to Scotland, England, and Ireland, she left a part of her soul in one of these countries and vows to return.

Mary's passion for books started at an early age along with an overactive imagination. She spent far too much time daydreaming and was told quite often to remove her head from the clouds. It wasn't until the closure of Borders Books where Mary worked that she found her true calling--writing romance. Now, the worlds she created in her mind are coming to life within her stories.

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The Dreamer (Highland Heroes #4) by Maeve Greyson. Historical Romance Release & ARC Review.

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She promised him a year. Now he wants forever.

Book 4 in the Best Selling series Highland Heroes is now available. Read FREE in Kindle Unlimited!

Ian Cameron knows he’s cursed when it comes to women. His pregnant wife was murdered at the Glencoe massacre, and he barely survived the agony of her loss. Years later, he allowed himself a fondness for another. It wasn’t love, but when she died, it pained him too. No way in hell is he about to set himself up for a third heartbreaking farewell. The only problem is convincing his kin. The meddlesome MacCoinnichs are trying their best to chain him to a lovely widow with three rowdy sons. They told him some foolishness about how she’d be a light for his darkness, and he could be her safe harbor. Gretna is a fine lass and a dear friend, but he’s not about to tie himself to her and her little hellions.

Independent Gretna Neal has already buried two husbands. She has no interest in burying a third. Besides, her second husband taught her everything she needed to know about the faultiness of arranged marriages. She’ll never trip into that miserable trap again. But if a handfasting for a year will silence the meddlesome matchmakers and shield her sons from more cruel rumors, she’ll do it. She can tolerate anything for a year, and she knows Ian. It’ll be more like sharing a home with an old friend.

A mercenary cursed to spend his life alone. A skilled healer accused of witchery. Both at the mercy of friends and kin who decide what’s best for the unlikely pair and turn out to be right.

The couple dares to embrace their connection; until a ghost from the past and a dangerous grudge threatens a chance at the happiness neither of them had ever hoped for again.

Highland Heroes
Book 1 - The Guardian
Book 2 - The Warrior
Book 3 - The Judge
Book 4 - The Dreamer
Book 5 - The Bard
Book 6 - The Ghost


Ian Cameron knows he is being set up by the matchmakers and is determined that they won't win.  Just because he has to look after the three mischievous sons of the clan healer doesn't mean he will marry her.
Greta Neal doesn't need a man in her busy life.  Her sons need all the time she has to give them.  She knows the chieftain of the clan pretends there is more work for her to do just so he can provide for her without it looking like charity. 
Our hero is a true Highland warrior. He has had more than his share of loss since Glencoe. Our heroine is nothing more than a hard working healer,  not a witch despite what some of the clan say. 
A very emotional historical Highland romance with lots of fantastic characters.  The boys are a very important part of this story. There is a lot of danger from people who use the witch finders for their own revenge. 
This is part of a series of stand alone stories.  I have thoroughly enjoyed all of them.  
I loved it.


"No one has the power to shatter your dreams unless you give it to them." That's Maeve Greyson's mantra. She and Hubby of almost forty years traveled around the world while in the U.S. Air Force before returning home to rural Kentucky.

Now that her day job at the steel mill is a thing of the past, Maeve spends her time spinning tales about her beloved Highlanders and the fearless women who tame them. When she’s not plotting the perfect snare, she can be found herding cats, grandchildren, and Hubby—not necessarily in that order.

Her sweet friend and editor, Jasper the Mighty, crossed over the Rainbow Bridge a while ago but she knows in her heart he’s still watching over her as her four-legged guardian angel.

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Highland Gladiator (Scots and Swords #1) by Kathryn Le Veque. Historical Romance Release & ARC Review.

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Truth. Justice. Revenge. Behind these stands The Scotsman's Sword

Gladiator meets Fight Club in the Scottish Highlands in a new romance from USA Today bestselling author Kathryn Le Veque...

When Lor Careston's quiet Highland village was attacked and burned, he felt helpless against the raiders who destroyed his home. Seeking revenge, but lacking the fighting skills he needs to execute his mission, he sets out to find the Ludus Caledonia―a mysterious fight guild that turns men into warriors.

Lor trains hard, proves himself in the ring, and earns a place with the very clan that decimated his home, having decided to set his plan for revenge in motion from inside the clan. But his plan didn't include Isabail Keith, a fiery lass who prefers broadswords to embroidery and isn't afraid to stand with the warriors of her clan. Lor thought the Keiths were his enemies, but when Isabail is threatened, he'll have to decide what he's willing to risk for the woman who has captured his heart and the clan that has become his home.


Lor Careston is a peaceful smithy who has trained alongside his beloved grandfather.  They live in a small Highland village close to a troublesome rival clan.  Our hero met some of that clan when he was still more boy than man and that meeting put a stamp on his heart.  When tragedy strikes he knows he has to make a big change to his life.
Isabail Keith is the firey daughter of the clan leader.  She and her brothers ran wild as children,  causing problems for others.  Our heroine has always been clever when it comes to the tactics needed in a fight but that is not enough to help her clan when war threatens.  
This is a grand highland adventure and romance.  The characters are all strong , brave and so interesting. 
This book grabs the imagination on the first page and keeps you wanting more. I can already see that this new training school for warriors is going to be the source of many more fabulous books and I'm looking forward to reading them all.  
I loved every page.



KATHRYN LE VEQUE is a USA TODAY Bestselling author, an Amazon All-Star author, and a #1 bestselling, award-winning, multi-published author in Medieval Historical Romance and Historical Fiction. She has been featured in the NEW YORK TIMES and on USA TODAY's HEA blog. In March 2015, Kathryn was the featured cover story for the March issue of InD'Tale Magazine, the premier Indie author magazine. She is also quintuple nominee (a record!) for the prestigious RONE awards for 2016.
Kathryn's Medieval Romance novels have been called 'detailed', 'highly romantic', and 'character-rich'. She crafts great adventures of love, battles, passion, and romance in the High Middle Ages. More than that, she writes for both women AND men - an unusual crossover for a romance author - and Kathryn has many male readers who enjoy her stories because of the male perspective, the action, and the adventure.

Kathryn loves to hear from her readers.

Connect with Kathryn:


Kilts Ahoy! (Clash of the Tartans #6) by Anna Markland. Historical Romance Release & ARC Review.

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The voice of the sea speaks to the soul.

Sworn enemies, Clan MacCray and Clan Robson live within sight of each other on a clifftop in Caithness. Denied access to the only port for miles around by the MacCrays, Marshall Robson proposes to end the feud by suggesting a marriage between his elder brother and the daughter of the enemy clan—but then he meets her.

Teagan MacCray has saltwater in her blood and dreams of an adventurous life on the seas with the man who has stolen her heart, Marshall Robson. But her fate is to marry the laird of Clan Robson if the feud is to end.

When an old journal sheds light on a vile act that could change the Robson hierarchy, Marshall must choose between loyalty and the woman he loves more than life. 


Not only is Teagan MacCray the youngest in her family,  she's the only girl with seven older brothers.  With an enemy clan as the nearest neighbours, she doesn't get a lot of freedom.  The sea she looks out over every day calls to her.  Although her brothers are great mariners they never even think of allowing her to sail.
Marshall Robson tries his best to look after the Clan but his older brother is the Laird and a drunk.  It's time to do something drastic. Maybe a truce with the neighbours so that they can use the better harbour will help.  
This historical Highland adventure/romance is great fun.  Nothing happened as I expected.  Every time I thought I could guess what was about to to happen I was wrong.  Both our lead characters want what's best for their respective Clans and that means putting their own desires away.  The sea is the most important thing to both Clans and it's a very dangerous thing to rely on. 
Thus book is part of a series of stand alone stories.  Each one is better than the last.  I have loved all of them.  
Great fun.


I’m a Canadian author with a keen interest in genealogy. I write medieval romance about family honour, ancestry, and roots. My novels are intimate love stories full of passion and adventure.

Passion conquers whatever obstacles a hostile medieval world can throw in its path. My page-turning adventures have earned me a place on Amazon’s All-Star list.

Besides writing, I have two addictions-crosswords and genealogy, probably the reason I love research. I am a fool for cats. My husband is an entrepreneur who is fond of boasting he’s never had a job.

I live on Canada’s scenic west coast now, but I was born and raised in the UK and I love breathing life into the history of my homeland.


A Lyon in Her Bed (The Lyon's Den Connected World) by Amanda Mariel. Historical Romance Release & ARC Review.

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Enter the world of the most notorious gambling den in London, where matches are made... unusually. Welcome to the world of THE LYON'S DEN: The Black Widow of Whitehall Connected World, where the underground of Regency London thrives... and loves.

A woman seeking escape…

Lady Emiline Hawthorne will do anything to avoid an unwanted union—even marry a stranger. To that end, she goes to The Lyon’s Den to enlist Mrs. Bessie Dove-Lyon’s help. There is only one problem; Emiline cannot pay the matchmaking fee.

A man with a broken heart…
Leonard Quinton, 6th Earl of Morton, returned from the war to discover everyone he loved had betrayed him. Now he must beget an heir without risking his heart. He proposes a simple arrangement to the first lady he sees at The Lyon’s Den—The use of her womb in return for his financial support.

Two souls, one heart…
When Emiline finds the old Countess of Morton’s diary, she learns the secrets of Leonard’s past. Secrets even he does not know. Will their revelation lead to happily ever after, or will they destroy the bonds Leonard and Emiline have formed?


Leonard Quinton, Earl of Morton is suffering the feelings of betrayal and loss,  but is determined to move on with what he needs to do.  He needs an heir as quickly as possible. The Lyon's Den is the place to find a wife.
Lady Emiline Hawthorn and her mother are desperate for money but she really doesn't want to marry a man three times her age. There's only one place she can think of she can get help. 
A very fast paced historical romance.  The characters are fun and very loveable.  A little predictable but a very good read.  


USA Today Bestselling, Amazon All Star author Amanda Mariel dreams of days gone by when life moved at a slower pace. She enjoys taking pen to paper and exploring historical time periods through her imagination and the written word.

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Lady Guinevere and the Rogue with a Brogue (Scottish Scoundrels: Ensnared Hearts #1) by Julie Johnstone. Historical Romance Release & ARC Review.

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Lady Guinevere Darlington has spent the last five years trying to forget the beautiful rogue who stole her heart and then crushed it under his shiny black hessian. Humiliated by the blighter with the unforgettable brogue and left to weather the wagging tongues of the ton alone, she started a secret society that delivers justice to ill-intentioned rakes, and she managed to avoid having to wed—until now. But while her time is up, her determination is not. If she must take a husband, she’ll do so on her own terms. She has a plan, and a possible candidate, until the Scot she once loved returns to London and throws her life into salacious turmoil yet again.

Asher Talbot, the newly minted Duke of Carrington, has nearly perfected his ability to repress memories of the stunning, stubborn lass who long ago captivated him with her innocent charm, then slayed him with her duplicity. He channeled his anger into continuing to build the distillery empire he started when he thought he was a by-blow. But now his company is in danger, and he intends to secure his inheritance to save it, even if it requires pursuing the perfidious enchantress he disavowed. True reconciliation is not part of his plot, but hints of the Guinevere he thought he knew leave him questioning everything.

When fate, fortune, and a cunning scheme bring these two together, their mutual attempts to torture each other ignite the dormant desire between them. But secrets surround them, and they’ll have to unravel each one before the love they glimpsed is lost forever.


Lady Guinevere Darlington and her friends are trying to protect unwary young ladies from rogues out to seduce them.  She had to face gossip five years ago,  but now because of her sisters, it's time to choose a husband.  Unfortunately the one man she can't cope with seeing has reappeared.
Asher Talbot has just inherited his title, Duke of Carrington but the funds that should be his, come with strings. His father is still trying to control him from the grave.  Unfortunately, he is not the only one who is manipulating him.  
This is a fascinating story of plots a long time in the making.  Just who are doing the plotting and why is the best part.  There are lots of misunderstandings and some heartache for both our lead characters. Full of twists and turns.  I enjoyed every page and look forward to reading the rest of the series.  
I loved it.


Julie Johnstone is a USA Today best-selling author of Regency Romance, Victorian Romance, and Scottish Medieval romance. She is also the author of an urban fantasy/paranormal romance book. She’s been a voracious reader of books since she was a young girl. Her mother would tell you that as a child Julie had a rich fantasy life made up of many different make believe friends. As an adult, Julie is one of the lucky few who can say she is living the dream by working with her passion of creating worlds from her imagination. When Julie is not writing she is chasing her two precocious children around, cooking, reading or exercising. Julie loves to hear from her readers.

Website *Facebook * Facebook * Twitter * Goodreads.