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Captive Guardian, ( Witches Amulet #2) by Paulina Woods.



Element – Fire (Primal)

Royal House - Purple.

High above New York, in a gilded cage, Marcus lives out his lonely life. Born in captivity, he has been told he has one purpose in life, to produce powerful female witch offspring.

Michael is second in command to the general of the gargoyles army. He lives a fast and dangerous life, always looking for the next adventure. When he is captured, bound and tossed into a cage all thoughts of revenge go out the window when he is faced with his mate.

Can Michael convince Marcus that they are meant to be together or will he lose his mate before he a chance to know him?

This is book 2 in The Witches Amulet series.



Reaching across the table, Michael lifts Marcus head until he is looking in his eyes. "I will not leave you when it’s time for me to go. We go together and I will take you back to my realm."
Hope lights up Marcus’ eyes for a second before dying. "There is no way out. I have watched so many males hope for a way back home only to have their wills crushed."
"Well none of those men were me." Taking a closer look at Marcus, Michael suddenly has a bad feeling. "Who is your mother?"
Looking back down Marcus starts pushing the remains his food around his plate.
"Marcus, look at me." The command has Marcus looking up.
"My mother is Queen Lilith," Marcus whispers.
Michael slumps back in his chair, he had expected it but hearing it is a different matter. He is undeniably attracted to the son of the bitch everyone wants to kill.


     I have always been the butt of the joke, the punch line, and the punching bag. In school I would try to hurry through as fast as possible before anyone saw me. At work I just clocked in, worked and got out. The only good part of my day was my mothers, when she was alive, and my best friend, Mary. As many times as I tried to leave the small town I was born in and failed I just figured I would end up dying there an old bitter lady. Who would have guessed that in a few months I would learn I was a powerful witch, meet my mate and lose my best friend and find out I have a brother? Not me that's for sure.
            If my school yard bullies could see me now they would beg me to be their friend. I can control fire, destroy with a thought and I have a bad ass mate. Have I mentioned my mate is the general of the king's guardians and he's a gargoyle? Yes a real live gargoyle and not one of those small sissy ones. He's over seven feet of sexy goodness with wings I can lick on for days, just don’t tell him that he might make me do it.
            I did tell you I have a brother, right? Well he is so amazing. At first I thought he was going to hate me because I got out from under our mothers rule and because I am a female. He's had a hard life and now that I have him close to me I want to try and make his life so much better. I know I have to stand in line because his mate refuses to let him out of his sight. It may have to do with the fight he had when he first arrived or the beautiful Fae, who came though the portal with them. Oh their baby cub makes me want babies so bad but when I told Jarod I wanted all girls he glared and walked out. I guess males don't know how to have fun.
            Oh crap, time has gotten away from me and I need to get my butt to training. I just hope my trainer has recovered from last practice. Make sure to stop by and say hi to my brother and if you can give him a kiss from me. See you soon.



Paulina is a small town girl with big dreams. She is the second oldest of three talented siblings.

As early as three she was directing her family around acting out whatever current story was in her head. At four between her older brother and her a whole universe was created which the younger siblings were introduced into as they were born.

Her natural ability to tell a story took her down many paths. She wrote plays, poems, small children books and short stories all before she went to high school.

When picking a career her councilor told her writing was a dying art and so she went to school for veterinarian science. Three years later she dropped out of university and went to a community college and took a journalism class, the rest is history.

In 2008 she graduated with her BA in Communication/Journalism from Cal State Fullerton.

Life got in the way but in 2013 she started a review blog and November 2014 her first book was published.






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