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McKay´s Serial Killer Shifter. ( Highland shifters Paranormal Romance Series #3) by Skye Eagleday. My Review.

McKay´s saga continues in this exciting new third stand alone of the Highland Shifter Paranormal Romance series: McKay´s Werewolf Ways, Roots & Fangs and now McKay´s Serial Killer Shifter.
McKay´s out of control. After being possessed by the lightening wielding spirit of the dead Fae in Roots & Fangs, the Scottish -American is accidentally blowing holes in the Fae Castle when he gets angry--or aroused.
McKay and his Fae lover reach out to their past-- McKay to Mahihkan, the Canadian Werewolf of McKay´s Werewolf Ways, and to the Irish Pooka-- the ultimate Shape Shifter, from Roots & Fangs. All gather in Seattle where they discover the rogue Alpha Werewolf who was the villain in McKays Werewolf Ways,--is on a killing spree, with a hit list of all those who were involved in his being turned over to be executed by an Enforcer-- the "police force" of the Supernatural Community. But this werewolf has done something never known before in history-- he´s killed an Enforcer. Bodies are stacking up-- but the primary targets are Mahihkan  and McKay.

This book is from a series,  which I had not read, so I found it a little confusing until I straightened the characters out in my head. Once I did that,  this became an exciting murder,/mystery. With lots of different supernatural and magical beings coming together to find and finish the bad guys. Not all of the people are happy to meet up with others, there are ex-lovers and new partners. All the while our poor hero is trying to get a grip on this new world he has been thrust into, and the enormous power he now has.
My advice would be to read all the books in order.

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