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Love Of A Tiger By A.E.Grace. My ARC Review.

Curvy Anastasia is caught of guard when her hunt for illegal ivory poachers leads her to Caleb, a dangerous and sexy tiger shifter who´s after the same scumbags. While her passion has always been animal conservation, her instant attraction to Caleb makes her question her all work and no play existence.
Caleb has never wanted a mate ...until he meets Anastasia, a stunning and headstrong snow leopard shifter. Even though he´s a vigilante hunter with a job to do, he can´t resist the temptation of Anastasia´s heady scent and curvy body, and is determined to claim her as his.
When the two shifters team up to find the poachers , Anastasia begins to wonder if their chance meeting was more than simple coincidence, especially when Caleb´s hot gaze makes her feel like his prey.
Caleb knows that he and Anastasia are fated mates, and will do anything to make her his. The question is; can their love survive the danger of the hunt?

This is very different to our usual shifter stories.  In this author's world these shifters started life as human.  Then after a traumatic event shifted. 
Caleb is a three hundred year old Bali tiger and the last of the kind in the world. He has been on a personal mission for many years to put as many poachers out of business as possible,  one way or another.
Anastasia is a snow leopard in her thirties  and works in  animal conservation. They meet when they find themselves after the same group.
The timeline jumps about a bit, because in some places they are giving an interview to a reporter. Once you sort that out in your brain,  you get dragged right in. It's a very sexy story with lots of scorching hot scenes.  A very dangerous adventure in the jungle of Borneo.  There is also quite a bit of time spent with them in animal form, some times having great fun, and other times fighting for their lives.
This has got to be part of a series that I will read more of.

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author A.E.Grace would travel endlessly, and write evn more ,if that were possible . But travelling a little ,and writing a lot,is something she´s quite happy to settle for. With a particular fondness for the paranormal, Grace´s stories are rooted in realism ,always end on happy terms, and are often infused with her own travelling experience.

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