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Feral (Once Bitten Twice Shy #1) by Anne Berkley. Paranormal Romance + ARC Review.





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Thaleia Llorente isn’t afraid of the dark, and doesn't believe in the supernatural, but when an incident during a party on Halloween night sends her fleeing into the woods in search of seclusion, she’ll come face to face with one of the creatures she had thought lived only in myths and legends.

Bitten, she’ll need the protection and the help of Icarus Quirinus, her newfound and loathed alpha, to guide her through her transformation and descent into the dangerous world of lycan. Despite his constant need to dominate her, she feels an irresistible and undeniable attraction to him, but can they look past their differences, or will the secrets he holds and her refusal to cede, drive them further apart?



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Thaleia Llorente went to a keg party with her boyfriend and her best friend.  After seeing something that upset her she made the life altering mistake of running into the nearby woods.  She is thrust into a dangerous life she didn't even know existed. 
Icarus Quirinus has been looking after his cousins for years,  by protecting his pack from humans finding out about them.  All was going well until a rogue wolf almost kills someone in his territory. 
  Our poor heroine is thrown in at the deep end.  For a strong minded girl like her it doesn't come easy to have her life taken out of her control.  Our hero is desperate to protect his pack, even the newest member who refuses to comply with his rules. 
A fun filled YA urban fantasy romance with characters you can't help but fall in love with.  A very enjoyable book that looks like it could be the start of a series. 

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Hi! My name is Anne Berkeley. I'm a full time cubicle dweller, wife and mother of two beautiful children. I do all things creative. Photoshop, photography, scrapbooking, decorating, barbering, and I would like to think...writing.

I dream up most of my material during my seventy-five minute commute to work and home again. Some of it comes to fruition and other times it's edited out again. But I hope that what made the cut is worthy of note.

I write paranormal romance novels for adults. No not erotica. Though there are some steamy scenes. I'm working on several novels at the present. Yes, more than one. I jump back and forth as my mood dictates. It's the way I work best. Tempestuous, my first novel, released in 2012, Torrid in 2013 and Feral, the first of a new series in 2013. I'm working to complete Turbulent (Third and final novel for the Tempestuous series), a second novel for the Feral series, and two standalone novels. And yes, I work full time too, so please have patience, my plate is full.

In short, that's me. You can follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Goodreads. The links are below. And if you enjoyed my book, it would be appreciated immensely if you would consider leaving a review, or better yet, tell your friends and family.

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I hope you all enjoy the books I post about here.