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Air Dragons Baby. (Elemental Dragons #2) by Scarlett Grove. Sci-Fi/Paranormal Romance. ARC Review.

A warrior dragon prince must claim his Earthling to save his throne -- without even touching her ... 
All Sophia Castillo has ever wanted is to be a space pilot. But the Space Academy has kicked her out for being too cocky and rebellious -- with no second chances. After the Draconian lottery matches her with a faraway dragon shifter, she’s torn -- until she learns the smoking hot alien will die without his mate. 

Even across the galaxies, his image tugs at her. Ready to take the biggest gamble of her life, she sets out on the long journey toward Galaton … already impregnated with her distant mate’s seed. 

Elair Purr is the Air Prince of Galaton, one of four elemental rulers who control the planet. As soon as he learns about Sophia, his mating thrall rises, confirming that she belongs to him. Besieged by rebel dragons, Elair struggles with the urge to abandon everything and claim Sophia, his inner dragon roaring for his mate. When Sophia gives birth to his child on board her bride ship, their longing to be together grows even stronger. 

When Sophia’s bride ship is almost at Galaton, it is attacked by the Mulgor -- the Draconians’ ancient enemy. Elair must leave his planet to rescue his mate and infant son ... and Sophia must cope with the magnitude of their joining. Once they’re together at last, the consummation of their mating can no longer be delayed. They’ve risked everything for love … will their Galatonian home be waiting when they return?

Sophia Castillo is a frustrated pilot.  She wants nothing more than to join the Space Academy and be a space pilot.  Unfortunately they have rejected her because of a combative personality.  A drunken night out supplies her with an idea. 
Elait Purr is the Air Dragon Prince of Balaton.  His planet is divided into the four basic elements,  with a prince for each.  Because of the lack of females there are always factions trying to wrest control from the royal princes.  That is why they have joined the mating lottery,  that finds them mates from the. human population.
This story is more about the heroine than anyone else.  The chances she is prepared to take to realise her dreams.  The hero doesn't really have more than a destiny to fulfill. 
A fun, if predictable read. 


Scarlett Grove is a Paranormal and Science Fiction Romance Author.
Between writing books she's wrangling two and four legged babies around the wilds of the Pacific Northwest. With a lifetime love of fantasy and science fiction adventure, Scarlett lets her imagination soar in her sexy romance stories. She loves the heat of an alpha hero and a strong heroine falling madly in love.

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