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The Great Disapurrance (Chicago Catastrophe) by Anya Nowlan. ARC Review.


One ex-SEAL weretiger looking to cause trouble + one curvy woman already in too much trouble + an unexpected pregnancy at the worst time = Explosive and sexy as hell shifter romance! 

Arlen Johnson has done a lot of things right in life, and a lot of things wrong. What other explanation could there be for being sent by his employers, The Firm, to track down and kill one of the most influential lieutenants in the premier shifter crime organization in the region! And to make matters worse, this weretiger's heat is right around the corner, making the seasoned SEAL more aggressive than ever. But his mission has to take a backseat when the right woman happens to be at the wrong place, and Arlen has to focus on protecting her as much as trying to keep his paws off of her. 

Even an elite weretiger SEAL can't be faultless... 

Sienna Marquez has spent her lifetime trying to distance herself from a past that's too painful to think back on, but that past doesn't want to let her go. When the Chicago shifter mob takes an interest in her, Sienna would have never guessed that the path to her salvation would come from a man as dangerous as the jerks who took her hostage, but a whole lot sexier. With heat and uncertainty mixing together, no wonder the sheets aren't the only thing getting tangled up. 

And when there's no doubt about there being a baby on the way, Sienna knows that she has the fight of her life on her hands. Not only for her own future, but those of her baby, and maybe the growly, Alpha tiger who she can't keep her hands off of... 

The Great Disapurrance is a full shapeshifter military surprise baby romance, with a guaranteed HEA and no cheating. Pick up this book if you want plenty of heat, danger, and a shifter who won't quit until he gets his way! 

Arlen Johnson is a tiger shifter who works for The Firm,  they are like the shifter version of the CIA.  His mission at the moment is to kill the head of the Crimson Claws, a Mafia type shifter group who are the new underworld bosses of Chicago.  Trying to get to a man who is always heavily guarded is not easy.  He will have to find a weak link.
Sienna Marquez has just lost her massage parlour because she couldn't afford all the protection money she had to pay.  Now the boss of the Crimson Claws decides to have her as his own personal masseuse. 
This is a romantic suspense with shifters.  We get all the usual problems when dealing with a Mafia type villain multiplied by shifter strength and heightened senses.  A hero who needs to find a mate and a heroine with lots of secrets. 
Fast paced, action packed and sexy.  A really good book with plenty to get your teeth into. 


Anya Nowlan loves growly bears, hot sex and writing about both. The sexier and naughtier the better. She mostly writes paranormal and fantasy novellas and novels, focusing on shifters and their lucky mates. Her stories are often bite-sized, just what you need to soothe that craving for brave women and strong alphas with a big side-order of some smuttiness.

Anya lives in Boston with her boyfriend and several dogs of varying sizes and levels of mischief. She can't go through a day without chocolate and has an unhealthy addiction to purses, but every girl is allowed her little vices, right? 

If you have enjoyed her shorts or want to just shoot the breeze a little, don't hesitate to contact Anya via e-mail:

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