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Wild Things by Catherine Vale. Paranormal Romance. ARC Review.

Senna, the curvy Princess, and fierce protector of her kingdom, refuses to be given away in marriage to the Ottway, an evil bastard of a man, who just so happens to be aligned with her father. Marriage arranged, Senna is torn between what she must do for her kingdom, and what her heart truly wants. 

Gabriel isn't just Senna's guard, but a powerful wolf-shifter, who just so happens to want her as his own. It would be treason to go against the wishes of the King, but what these old men don't seem to know, is that when it comes to love, rules are meant to be broken. 

Will Gabriel be successful in his attempt to rescue Senna from danger? And if they make a run for it, will they be able to survive in a world of aliens and shifters, who will stop at nothing to destroy them, should they rebel? 

Note To Readers: This is a quirky, fun story set in a modern world with a steam-punk feel, mixed with everything you want in a paranormal shifter romance. Gabriel is a wolf-shifter, and Senna is the curvy lady that he's willing to do anything for, including give up his life, if he must. This story, along with all of my other stories, will end in a HEA, but the journey to get there will be nothing short of wild. Hold on tight! 

This is set in a savage desert world that has been invaded by Aliens with lizard like skin.
Senna is a princess who is being forced to marry a powerful neighbour, although she loves someone else.  To cross the desert she must travel on a train.  Even that doesn't guarantee safety. 
Gabriel is a wolf shifter and the captain of the royal guard.  He cannot let his princess leave without a guard of her own. 
The man our heroine is marrying is even more evil than she thought. 
An exciting,  danger filled trek across an unforgiving land.  Almost an apocalyptic setting outside of the royal residence.  There are a few laughs mainly with their transportation.  Camels are not easy creatures to deal with. 
A very entertaining read. 


Catherine Vale is a NYT and USA Today Bestselling Author of scorching hot paranormal and contemporary romance. She loves to write about curvy gals and guys with growl, and all of her stories end with a happily ever after. 

If you love reading about sexy shifters, dominant alpha men and dangerously wicked love stories where the guy always gets the girl,


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