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Never Smile At Strangers by Jennifer Jaynes

This is a good creepy thriller.

The small backwater town of  Grand Trespass has a serial killer living in their midst. A young girl has vanished. Some think she has just run off but her best friend knows she wouldn't do that without telling her. There is no shortage of suspects. The towns people are a strange bunch, lots of dysfunctional families. The town's secrets start to surface and the truth will come out.
There have been more killings than anyone (except one) knows .
I thought I had guessed who the killer was about halfway through but I was wrong. The author caught me out. I like that. The story is quite emotional at times. Our very twisted killer is one you almost feel sorry for at times. His family is the most dysfunctional of them all.

I see the possibility of another story featuring the person who vanished at the end. If there is anything to be learned from this book it is to treasure your family.

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