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Unexpected Love, Love on the Bayou #1 by Jenn Marie

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Bailey’s not trying to find love.  Love finds her in the form of a sexier than sin tattooed cowboy, named Dallas, who is a new artist at her brothers tattoo shop.  When their eyes lock for the first time, it was like fireworks went off between them! She finally felt whole in his arms, and he felt he finally found where he belonged. But will a nightmare from Baileys past, that lets out her deepest secret, ruin the fast building love between Bailey and Dallas?

 Book Trailer:

Bailey A soft voice says, “sis its ok, it’s me Kyle. Give me the gun. He is gone and he won’t ever hurt you again.”   I am crying and shaking. I cannot believe I just took a life, though I know I was protecting not only Bella and my babies but myself, as well. It's still shredding me inside. Yes I have taken a life for food. I have hunted and killed so I would have something to eat, but never have I taken the life of another human. I can hear Kyle on the phone. I'm assuming it's 911 as he's relaying what happened. I hear him calling and telling Dallas and asking him to tell Colt and everyone else. He tells him to get here as soon as possible.   He kneels down beside me, wraps his arms around me saying, “sis, you had no choice. It was self-defense. If you wouldn't have shot him, he would've stabbed your stomach and possibly killed the babies then you and Bella. I saw what was happening as I pulled up. I'm so proud of you for not being afraid to shoot that gun, and you didn't miss. Not only did you save your life, but you saved the life of your twins and you saved Bella's life. That's three lives on top of yours. There is no way they're going to do anything to you, I promise you it was self-defense.”   “Kyle if the cops don't put me in jail, Stones family will kill me,” I whispered.   He shakes his head, “no they won't, I promise you. They will not come near you. I will make sure of that myself and if they try I will find more a ways than I have ever heard to hurt them.”   I lean into Kyle's side rest my head on his shoulder, as I cry

About The Author:
Jenn Marie is a 30 year old down home girl from the Bayous in Louisiana. she was born with a rare form of glaucoma which render her legally blind. But at the age of 22 her sight took a turn for the worst when the glaucoma became unstable and hard to control for a few years now it under control slowly wreaking her vision but she's  never let that stop her from living her dream of being an author. She start writing at a young age mostly poetry and some stories. By the age of 25 she had two books of poetry written and published. Even though her vision is worsening as she gets older she won't let that stop her from making her lifelong dream of being an author a reality. With the love and support of her family and friends she won't give up writing. Reading is her  salvation and only escape from reality for manny years now she hopes that her stories will bring that kind of peace and escape for her readers.

Twitter  @Jenn_Marie84

INTERVIEW With Jenn Marie by Ashley Turpin

1) How did you get inspired to write this particular genre?

I choose to write soft erotic romance for a few reasons. One, erotic romance is my favorite genre. Two, I find it passionate and more loving. Three, they have more suspense in them. Four it’s fun to let my hair down and be free to write something I really enjoy.

2) Are your characters or scenarios based from real people and things that have actually happened?

Well, the town where my book takes place is loosely based on my home town. I like the feel and sense of community of being part of a small town. Other than that they’re nothing alike. As far as my characters, no they are all fictional products of my wild imagination.

3) When writing this book, did you ever have moments where you wanted to just give up on it? What changed your mind?

Yes, at one point I did but the love and support of my family and friends kept me going.

4) Do you relate to any of your characters? If yes, which one(s)?

I do relate to Bailey in the fact that we have more tattoos then most people.

5) Did you come across difficulties while writing Unexpected love? How did you overcome them?

Yes, I came across writers block. When that happened I would read, talk it through with a fellow author and friend. I also kept a binder with random notes about the story that would pop in my head and I would go over that.  

6) What was your favorite thing about writing Unexpected love?

The fact that I was making my dream come true and that this was something no one could take away from me. That I am a novelist now.

7) Given the chance is there any part of this book you would change?

No, I have been through it over and over until it is just the way I wanted it to be.

8) What or who inspired you to start your writing career?

I have been writing as far back as I can remember. My 7th grade teacher, Mrs. Louis, challenged me to write a poem about my sight when I was 13 and my love for the written word grew and took off from there.

9) Is there anything, maybe a ritual or something, you absolutely have to do during or before you write to motivate you? ( Such as list to music, have absolute quiet, have background noise. Lucky pencil?)  

I get a big cup of French Vanilla Cappuccino, have my binder of notes and my tablet beside me, and I sit in absolute quiet.  

10) Who is your biggest supporter?

I am amazed at the support I have had. My mom, my aunt and my cousin Hailey have been wonderful. And my friends Billie, Janka and Shannon have been there for me too.

11) Do you plan every book in a series beforehand or do you choose the number of books first and divide the story between that many and add detail?

Yes, I write outlines for each book in my series before I start and just let it flow after that.

12) What would be your first and second favorite genres to write?

Erotic romance is number one, obviously. Contemporary romance is my second favorite.
I think thats why my book is a mix of the two.

13) Do you have any advice for anyone who wants to become a published author?

Follow your heart. Don’t ever let anyone keep you from your dream. Don’t be afraid to write. Don’t be shy, be open and expressive in your writing. It’s your story, write it you way you want to.

14) Do you have the dates/year for when we can expect the other books in the series to be released?

If all goes as planned by February 14, 2016 all 5 of the Bayou Love series will be released.
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