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Lady of The Two Lands by Elizabeth Delisi.

This is certainly time travel with a difference. 
Hattie is an artist. She is working in the Egyptian section of the museum drawing the various artifacts.  One is a necklace with hieroglyphics, Her world falls away when she touches it.
Hatsheput is the regent to the boy Pharaoh. For a modern woman to be thrust so far back in time, into a different body is quite traumatic. Without the help of the tutor Senemut  Hattie would be completely lost. She makes him her chief advisor which angers the High Priest. Before she can get back to her own time Hattie must find out who the traitors are and protect the boy Pharaoh..In the mean time she must rule ancient Egypt.

To travel so far back in time makes this an unusual story. It is much more an adventure than a romance. There is a sweet romance, quite suitable for any age group.  It gives us quite a good view into the lives of the privileged of that time. I found it fascinating.

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