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Hades by Candice Fox. A really Twisted Thriller.

A really twisted thriller.
Hades lives at the dump and makes incredible sculptures out of other people's waste. This just gives him the cover for his real business,, which is getting rid of all sorts of problems.  One night someone comes to him with two small problems.  That night changes the lives of several people.
Frank is a homicide detective,  he has been reassigned to a new station.  His new partner is Eden, a woman with a tragic past that no  one knows about. Except of course  her brother Eric . Who also works as a detective in the same squad.
The first case Frank and Eden get turns out to be a potential serial killer.
We have some seriously twisted characters in this story, and no real hero. The ones who would normally be the villains might be the heroes..The victims all face a terrifying fate.  It  was impossible to tell how this book was going to end until it did. A very good read, maybe not for bedtime. 

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