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Blood Lust. by Catherine Sharp.

This is a real thriller. There was No way to guess who the killer is.
Nick is a detective and retired SEAL. He and his partner are called to a very gruesome murder scene. It is obvious to everyone that this is one very sick psychopath. 
Claire is on the list of the last people the victim had contact with. She is a flight crew attendant on the plane that the poor woman travelled on.
There was a man on the flight that gave Claire the creeps, so Nick checks him out. Then looks for another excuse to call on Claire.
The body count is getting higher with No proof who the killer might be.
A wonderful murder, mystery. Lots of twists and turns and suspense. I defy anyone to guess who the killer is before the author tells us. A gorgeous hero and a lovely brave heroine. A very creepy villain.  This author has a brilliantly twisted mind. I loved it.

Blood Lust: Serial Killer Thriller: A Mystery and Suspense Novel

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