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Journey To Avidad. by Allison D. Reid.

The exciting adventures of a young girl in a dangerous time.

Elowyn lives with her mother and two sisters on the outskirts of the city. Her mother is a weaver of the finest cloth ,but has a nasty temper that she often unleashes on her daughters. her older sister Morganne is a gifted seamstress, who works very hard to look after the youngest girl who is a baby and keep up with all the garments she must make. Elowyn has no talent that her mother considers worthwhile, so she is left to do all the other chores. She also gets more freedom to explore the woods near her home. her favourite thing to do is sleep in the trees. 
One morning waking up in the trees she finds some items and signs of an attack on someone. This will lead her to an incredible journey and much danger.  

A good read aimed I think at children who like fantasy adventure. We have strange creatures , like hell hounds and Trolls.Good fun.  

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