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Wilder´s Mate. Bloodhounds #1´by Moira Rogers

This is a difficult book to put in any one genre, it's Paranormal romance, historical and a bit Steampunk. 
Satira lives in the very wild west. She has been studying under the best inventor, but he has been abducted by a vampire. The Bloodhound guild ( a group of shape shifters that work like Marshals.) that the inventor works for must send one of their bloodhounds to rescue him.
Wilder is the best and Satira persuades him to take her along. She knows how to use the special weapons that could make all the difference.  It will be a dangerous journey, not least because the new moon is just a few days away. That is not an easy time to be around a bloodhound. They have very demanding needs at the new moon. Satira and Wilder  must venture into the dead lands. A lawless area that has more undead residents than live ones.

The sex scenes are HOT and graphic. (Unfortunately a few uses of the "c" word) Not enough to put me off. An unusual and enjoyable read. With action of one sort or another on nearly every page, Good strong characters with just the right amount of vulnerability. With teasers for the next book by introducing the secondary characters.
I look forward to reading book #2

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