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Master of Surrender.Blood Sword Legacy #1 by Karin Tabke.

Blood Sword Legacy. #1
This is a historical romance set in the immediate aftermath of the Battle of Hastings. 

When Rohan and his men break down the doors to Rossmore they are faced with just a single woman with a dagger in her hand and a sword at her feet. Isabel faced down the Norman who dared to ride his war horse into the keep.
Rohan is contemptuous of the cowards who allow their Lady to defend them while they hide.
The Lady Isabel is prepared to give anything to spare the lives of her people.
There are many raids in the area that Rohan must settle if he is going to win the peace for the land he has claimed.
The battle of wills between Rohan and Isabel is as fiery as any on the battlefield. 

A wonderful story rich in the kind of details of live in the era that I like. Rohan's Blood Swords are a great collection of knights that I am looking forward to reading more about. There are some very sexy scenes and lots of excitement.  I loved it.

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