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The Mythrian Realm Series. by Lindsay Avalon. 2 Book reviews + giveaway

Mythrian Tour Banner Breaking the Nexus 1

Breaking the Nexus
  Publication Date: December 3, 2014 
  Also in this series: Warrior Unleashed, Waking the Phoenix 
  Genres: Paranormal, Romance
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Book One in the Mythrian Realm Series
Throughout history, myths and legends of extraordinary creatures have been told and retold. Fantastic tales of demons and banshees, gryphons and dragons, and of course, magic. Stories that every child grows to learn are nothing more than fantasy…or are they? Beyond the world you see lies a hidden realm, the Mythrian Realm, inhabited by all of the creatures you’ve been told are mere fiction. Only one thing lies between humans and the truth: the Nexus. A magical barrier erected millennia ago to separate the two realms, it has stood the test of time. Until now. For Mythrian Sha Phoenix, magic is nothing new. But when she stumbles upon a portal on the verge of collapse, her fate will forever change. Pulled through the portal into the Human Realm, she lands in the middle of Detective Connor Flynn’s brutal murder scene. Soon it is obvious someone is using blood magic to try to bring down the Nexus. Together, Connor and Sha must work to unravel the secrets before the barrier falls and the realms collide. The Nexus is breaking and all hell is about to unleash…literally.

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Warrior Unleashed 1.5
Warrior Unleashed
by Lindsay Avalon Mythrian #1.5
Publication Date: September 16, 2013 
  Also in this series: Breaking the Nexus, Waking the Phoenix
Genres: Paranormal, Romance
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Book 1.5 of the Mythrian Realm. Can be read as a standalone, but best enjoyed if book one, Breaking the Nexus, is read first.
Nothing is more dangerous than a warrior unleashed. When Sentinels begin dying under mysterious circumstances, the deaths are believed to be unrelated. Only one man sees the truth: an unknown enemy is targeting the elite group of warriors and no one is safe. As a panther Chimerae, Achaius Rilke recognizes the signs of an unpredictable predator. The only person he can trust is Saia Makan, the tempestuous Sorceri who has driven him crazy for years. But when the killer has set his sights on Saia, Achaius faces the hunt of his life

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Waking the Phoenix 3
Waking the Phoenix 
Publication Date: August 27, 2014 
  Also in this series: Breaking the Nexus, Warrior Unleashed 
  Genres: Paranormal, Romance
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As two Realms collide, the world descends into chaos.
From the moment Sha Phoenix dropped into the middle of Detective Connor Flynn’s murder scene, he had known his life would never be the same. Following her claim to be a Sorceri from the Mythrian Realm, he had received a crash course in the impossible as they had struggled to stop a madman. Unfortunately, despite their efforts to stop the Nexus, a magical barrier separating the Mythrian and Human Realms, fractured. Magic and myth are spilling over into the Human Realm, plunging everything into turmoil. Is their love strong enough to survive the flames of the phoenix? When Sha vanished through a portal in the middle of battle, Connor did not hesitate to follow the woman he had claimed as his. Now in the Mythrian Realm, they join forces with the Sentinels, the guardians of the Realms, to protect the world they love. Will they be able to contain the evil taking control? Or will they perish in the flames of war? This is a continuation of Connor and Sha's story. Book 1, Breaking the Nexus, should be read first.
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About the Author

Lindsay Avalon1
 Lindsay Avalon is a wife, owner of a devious mini Schnauzer, programmer, and now an author. An avid reader, her amazing husband never seems to mind the multitude of books scattered around the house. However, after listening to the words “I have nothing to read” one too many times, he suggested Lindsay try her hand at writing her own books.
Since she’d never liked writing in school, she balked at the idea until her sister pestered her to participate in NaNoWriMo. It was then Lindsay realized that it was never writing she hated; it was writing boring essays. Creating worlds of magic, mystery, adventure, and romance became her true calling. In 2012, she embarked on the journey to become a self-published author and to bring her crazy ideas to life.
In 2013, Lindsay decided to ask a fellow author about her publishing company, Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly. It was a spur of the moment, impulsive decision, and one which Lindsay is eternally grateful she made. Though self-publishing was exhilarating, being a part of her amazing publishing family gives her a bit of structure in her chaotic existence.
When she’s not writing or spending time with her husband, she’s hiding out from devious bears seeking to thwart her writing efforts, pestering her amazing friends and personal assistant, creating works of art in resin, and a multitude of other things that capture her attention at the moment. You can find Lindsay online spreading insanity across Facebook and interacting with her many lovelies. She loves hearing from her readers and fellow writers!

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My Review of Breaking The Nexus.
This is book #1 in the Mythrian  series.
Sha is a Sorceri with the opposing powers of Fire and Water. She and her partner are on patrol when they sense a problem with the Nexus. That is the barrier that stops the supernatural and magical beings crossing over into the human realm. As Sha gets closer ,to investigate there is a surge of power. The next she knows she is sitting in a pool of someone else's blood being accused of killing them.                                                                                                                                                  
Conner is the lead detective on what seems to be a serial killer's latest victim. He doesn't believe that the beautiful little woman in front of him could possibly be the killer.                                              
All of Denver is about to find out that the creatures from their worst nightmares are real.                    
Sha and Conner soon find more than just a romantic connection.                                                           

This is a great start to the series.  All the characters are more than they first appear. Lots of danger, humour and some hot sex scenes.  The story doesn't completely finish, but takes a huge turn for the next book. You must read this series in order. I have already started the 2nd book. All good fun.

My Review Of Waking The Phoenix . 
( please don´t read if you have not read book #1 Spoiler)
This is book #2 in the Myth series. 
The stories in this series are each separate but you will be hard pressed to stop reading if you have the next one.                                                                                                                                                
Sha was dragged back into her own realm of Mythria  and Conner jumped through after her. 
While the Earth realm erupts in chaos, Ian ,Conner's partner tries to protect Brenna. She is Conner's  little sister and also a cop.                                                                                                                   
This story is told on both the Mythrian  and Earth realms. The fight that Sha and Conner face has repercussions on Earth. Learning to fight the multiple enemies has everyone to point of exhaustion.  There are several secondary characters that appear that I want to see more of before the final battle.  

I absolutely love this series.  There is non stop action, incredible fight scenes and hot love scenes. 
I did try to read Warrior Unleashed in the correct chronological order ( between these 2 books ) but I did not want to wait to see what happened to Sha and Conner. but I will be reading it.

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