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The Kindling Heart by Carmen Caine.




 Bree is dismayed to find out her father is selling her as a bride to an old man for the price of three sheep. If she refuses she will be beaten into submission.  Ruan is a despised younger brother of a vicious Laird. He has just rescued his battered  little sister from a marriage to a nearby Laird by force.  His brother insists a marriage must take place, and picks the worst possible bride for Ruan as a punishment.  When Ruan finds himself married to a terrified Bree he declares that he will have the marriage annulled when it is safe. Until then he must find a way to protect Bree and his sister from his brother who wants him dead. The broken relationships of this family will never be mended. They have to travel all over the highlands to get to safety.
 This is an unusual story, in that the hero is not at all conquering Laird. And the heroine takes a long time to fall for him.

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