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Knights De Ware #1 My Glynnis Campbell

Knights De Ware #1
A marvellous medieval historical romance. 

Linet is a wool merchant,  working her first year in the guild since her father's death. Her father was born a nobleman but was cast out by his family for marrying a commoner. Linet Is a bit of a snob, always aware of the difference in class between herself and the common people. She has unfortunately made a dangerous enemy.
Duncan de Ware is the eldest of the de Ware brothers and has always been at his happiest helping the poor and taking in strays.
Duncan is at the village fair in disguise when Linet attracts trouble and he takes it on himself to be her protector. That turns into the start of a disastrous series of events that goes from bad to worse. Linet has No idea who the man who insists on protecting her is, but she knows she doesn't need or want his type of help.

I found this book so much fun. I think Duncan should have just spanked Linet to bring her down a few pegs. He is far too gentle for that. They have a very difficult journey with Duncan forever rescuing Linet from problems she  causes.
There are love scenes but sweet not hot. I can't wait to read the other brothers stories.  I loved every page.
This Is Free at time of Posting from Amazon.My Champion (Knights of de Ware Book 1)

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