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Duke of Havoc (Dukes of Destiny #1) by Whitney Blake. Historical Romance ARC Review.

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Book One in an exciting new Regency Historical Romance series. Meet the damaged dukes from the Napoleonic wars and the spirited, strong-willed, and beautiful women who help them discover the joy of living again. Romance, intrigue, and passion ignite in this stunning new series - and read for FREE in Kindle Unlimited! 

Lord Reeve Malliston, Third Duke of Nidderdale, is a brilliant military tactician with a musician’s eccentricities. A favorite of the Duke of Wellington, he’s called to fight on the fields of Salamanca. The English victory is supposed to be Reeve’s defining accomplishment, but war is cruel to the duke, who is discharged from the battlefield nearly deaf and with two fingers missing. He comes home a disgraced and broken man, or so he believes. 

After his lady wife dies under mysterious circumstances, nasty rumors abound that he went mad, that war shattered his mind and he murdered the mother of his two young daughters. With little care for the social consequences, he does nothing to combat the gossip and descends into debauchery, leaving his children under the dubious care of a pernicious governess and her sister, his equally uncivil housekeeper. 

When yet another instance of domestic chaos greets him and his daughters beg him to intervene, Reeve suddenly decides to enlist his old comrade’s daughter as their new governess. With this new woman to be both surrogate mother and tutor, Reeve plans on resuming his risqué lifestyle without worry or guilt. 

But Miss Caroline Sedgwyck, though affectionate toward the children and levelheaded overall, is anything but docile. She sees right through Reeve’s penchant for impropriety, much as he detects that her calm indifference to him is a facade. The two constantly test each other as Caroline challenges the duke to do what is best for his family, while Reeve stirs Caroline’s passions. 

Desire, friction, and friendship blossom in equal measure between them—is Caroline the woman to quell the Duke of Havoc? Will she restore the music to his soul? 


Lord Reeve Malliston,  the Duke of Nidderdale has come back from the war suffering from more than his visible wounds. Even after coming home,  bad things happened.  Now it's easier to ignore his home and family and spend his time in dubious company. 
Miss Connie Sedgwyck knows her father is struggling to keep them both on his earnings as a music teacher.  When a request for her to be a tutor to two little girls it's just what she needs.  However with her outspoken ways she might not be employed for long. 
This is at times an emotional story,  but mostly it's just fun.  The characters are very strong and opinionated, even the little ones.  It also shows us that no matter how important a person might be,  the trials of war can be devastating. 
A real page turner. 


Whitney is a bit of a wanderer and something of a bluestocking. She's been telling stories since childhood, when she would rewrite the endings of her favorite books and movies (or add "deleted scenes" to them). When she's not writing or reading, she enjoys cooking, dancing, and going for long walks with no specific destination in mind.

Literary work comes naturally to Whitney and she's very excited to be pursuing her passion - rich storylines, vibrant characters, and most of all, a happily ever after.

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