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Presenting Miss Letitia (Once a Wallflower #1) by Maggi Andersen. Historical Romance Release & ARC Review.

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Read Book One in Maggi Andersen's newest Regency series - Once A Wallflower. Read for FREE in Kindle Unlimited! 

Rakes are intent on something a young debutante must never give them... their virtue! 

Armed with this advice from her aunt, Letitia Bromley embarks on her first Season in London. Fresh from the country, she is intent on a romantic adventure after reading the diaries of her great-great Aunt Lydia, who sailed the high seas with a pirate. But when Letty’s kind patroness begs for her help to right a wrong done to her dead husband, Letty can only respond to the lady’s distress. Can it be true that the rakish Brandon Cartwright spies for the French? Danger lurks, and Letty becomes unsure whom to trust. Her head urges her to be sensible, to go home to the man everyone in her village expects her to marry, but her heart says otherwise.

Declared the family’s black sheep by his father after a tragedy, Brandon is drawn into the spying business. He has had little regard for his life, taking on dangerous assignments, until circumstances change when he becomes involved with a stubborn young lady who is determined to help her chaperone. Brandon can’t help but admire Letty for her bravery and compassion, but while he’s intent on keeping her safe, he has no intention of drawing her into his disreputable life.

Once he sees her safely on her way back to Cumbria, he can pick up the threads of the life he lived before she came into it... or will he follow his heart - and her?

Once a Walflower Series
Presenting Miss Leticia
Introducing Miss Joanna
Announcing Miss Theodosia 


Miss Letitia Bromley has managed to persuade her guardian to let her have a season in London.  She will be sponsored by an elderly aunt but at least she will be there.  Life in the wilds of Cumbria is far too boring and predictable. 
Brandon Cartwright has worked for the Crown for years.  Even his family are unaware of what he does for his country. 
Spying and smuggling seem to be everywhere in this story.  It's hard to know who is innocent and who is involved in the crimes.  Our country Miss is well out of her depth.  That will not however stop her from trying to find out what's happening.  This is a lot more dangerous than she knows. 
A sweet and exciting tale with wonderful characters.  The action starts on the first page and keeps us interested all the way through. 
I loved it. 


Maggi Andersen wrote her first book for publication after gaining a BA in English and an MA in Creative Writing. She lives with her husband, a retired lawyer in an historic country town near Sydney, Australia. She wrote her first adventure story at 8 years old. Her novels are still adventure stories, but also seductive romances. Georgette Heyer and Victoria Holt among others, inspired her Regencies and she also writes contemporary romantic suspense, darker, Victorian mysteries and young adult novels.

Maggi supports the RSPCA (The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to animals) and animals often feature in her books, IFAW and Youth off the Streets.

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