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Heart of Shadows (Hearts of the Highlands #2) by Paula Quinn. Historical Romance Release & ARC Review.

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The light tempted him away from his purpose, and though he enjoyed what he could find in the light, he chose to stay in the shadows cast by it... 

Commander Torin Gray is known among the Bruce’s most elite Highland warriors as Shadow because of his prowess at infiltrating any English stronghold and discovering its weaknesses before bringing the king’s army to its doors. His greatest skill is gaining trust and friendship from his enemies while planning their demise. He feels no shame or regret for the things he’s done, the people he’s killed. He wants no reward. After watching the English massacre his family when he was a boy, he vowed revenge on them all, one stronghold at a time. For him, the Scottish War of Independence is personal and he will not be stopped.

But nothing could have prepared him for the beautiful outlaw he’s about to face, or how bravely she draws him out of the shadows and into the light.

Braya Hetherington has always wanted to raid and fight like the men in her family, but her skill as a reiver is frowned upon because she’s a woman—especially because she is better at raiding than the men.

Having already lost one brother to war with the Scots, Braya is a warrior who seeks peace. So when a handsome knight appears at the side of the Warden of the Western Marches and is accused of murdering four of her thieving cousins, she must discover if he is innocent, or risk war. But Torin Gray is unlike any man she’s ever met before. He enjoys the scent of a flower and he doesn’t find her unappealing when she almost beats him at practice. Mostly, his needful kisses and possessive touch make her feel weak. And she likes it.

Will she forgive him when she discovers he is here to bring the hated Scots down upon them? Or must she kill him before he succeeds?


Commander Torin Gray is a spy for Robert the Bruce.  He gets into the enemy castles or keeps and works from the inside to help the attacking army.  He has lived only for revenge since the English killed his family. 
Braya Hetherington is just as much a warrior as her brother,  and better than most of their men.  They are a huge family of English reivers living on the border between Scotland and England.  Times are hard and food is scarce. Sometimes some of her cousins do foolish things,  like rob the wrong person. 
This is a story full of emotion,  intrigue and adventure.  Our hero is torn between his duty and his heart,  which has never happened before.  Our heroine has never had a man treat her like an equal before,  even when they know she could easily kill them. 
We also have a very special animal that is just as interesting a character as the humans. 
This is part of a series that I am totally addicted to,  but it's easily read on it's own.  Be warned,  once you have read one you will want to read the rest. 
I loved it. 


Paula Quinn is a NY Times and USA Today bestselling author of medieval, Scottish historical, and paranormal romance. To date, four of her books have garnered a starred review from Publishers Weekly. She has been nominated for Storyteller of the year by RT Book Reviews and every one of her books from the Children of the Mist series have garnered Top Picks from RT Book Reviews. She also writes fantasy romance under the pen name of Genevra Thorne. 

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