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Lord Corsair: (Pirates of Britannia Connected World) by Sydney Jane Baily. Historical Romance Release & ARC Review.

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A treacherous world of pistols, plunder, and passion 

Miss Beryl Angsley, relishing a final few months of freedom before marriage, accompanies her father across the globe on a mission of diplomacy only to find herself kidnapped by Chinese pirates in the South China Sea. 

British privateer, Philip Carruthers, on a secret undertaking for Queen Victoria, has at last found the treasure he’s sought for two years. Unfortunately, he also finds a captive Englishwoman. 

Duty-bound to rescue her, he risks his ship, his crew, and his cat to return Lady Angsley to her father. In the midst of a dangerous world of pistols and plunder, Captain Carruthers goes from privateer to pirate in order to steal the heart of a lady. 

A secret royal mission or the life of a lady? Which will he choose? 


Phillip Carruthers is a privateer with letters of marque from Queen Victoria.  He has been sent to the South China Sea to retrieve something that was stolen from Buckingham Palace.  When he finally tracks it down he has no idea the trouble both treasures he funds will bring him. 
Miss Beryl Anglesey is the daughter of a diplomat who has been kidnapped by Chinese pirates.  That is just the start of her adventures. 
A wonderful swashbuckling adventure with excitement and humour.  Fabulous characters that I fell in love with immediately,  especially Leo the true hero.  From the far East to the ballrooms of London a pirate is happy in any setting. 
I loved it. 


Sydney Jane Baily completed her first novel at the tender age of 17. Thankfully, that manuscript currently resides in an undisclosed secure location. She went on to get B.A. degrees in English literature and in history, and an M.A. in literature with a concentration in Romanticism. During her career while continuing to write stories, she has been a copy editor, cat snuggler, proof reader, production editor, mother of two, website developer, indexer, and dog walker, among other things literary and not. 

While writing historical romance, she firmly believes in crafting happily-ever-after stories for an already challenging world. Born and raised in California, she currently resides in New England with her family—human, feline, and canine.

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