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Beguiling the Baron by Elizabeth Keysian. Historical Romance Release & ARC review.

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Beware reclusive barons. They are more hot-blooded than you’d expect . . .

A man who lurks day and night in an eerie tower must have something to hide. So thinks Galatea Wyndham, governess to Lord Ansford’s love-starved young daughter. Galatea’s new employer is objectionable, stubborn, great-hearted, handsome and, curse it, well worth saving from himself.

He proves her right with some shocking physical encounters, adding tinder to the blaze of her growing love for him. But just as the barriers between them are crumbling away, the tower crashes down.

With Lord Ansford inside it.


Miss Galetea Wyndham and her mother have been lucky enough to be rescued from the poorhouse by a distant relative.  She will make sure that they are as helpful as possible. 
Henry Pelham,  Lord Ansford retreated from the world after the death of his wife,  paying penance for his faults. He is determined to ensure his young daughter will be strong enough to withstand any of the nasty gossip she is bound to hear about her parents. 
The distant relatives will easily be ignored,  and hopefully train his daughter until he sends her away to school. 
Our heroine is a strong minded young woman who is not afraid to voice her opinions,  even if it might get her turned out. 
Our hero is sunk so deep into depression it affects everyone one around him,  and his volatile temper sends them all running for cover. 
An emotional story with very interesting characters.  It might be a little predictable,  but it's still a very good read.  A beauty and the beast type tale,  with our heroine dragging our hero back to life. 
I loved it. 


Elizabeth Keysian is an English archaeologist, teacher and museum curator. She first started writing "long stories" when her headmaster father needed something to keep her quiet during school summer holidays. In her teenage years she produced angst-ridden poetry, slightly disturbing sketches for an amateur dramatics group and even her own magazine, to the mixed delight and consternation of her friends.
After completing her History degree, Elizabeth joined an English Civil War re-enactment group, messed about with the Middle Ages and finally settled to an enjoyable reconstruction of Tudor Daily Life at Kentwell Hall in Suffolk.
Her imagination was further inspired by living for seven years on a Knights Templar estate, with a garage full of skeletons, a resident ghost and a moat teeming with newts. She now lives near Bath with her partner and cats.
Elizabeth likes to keep her historical novels atmospheric and authentic, with both tears and laughter along the way. She loves to hear from readers.

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