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All Things Merry and Bright: A Very Special Christmas Tale Collection, by Collected Authors. Historical Romance.

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Le Veque… Crosby… Ridley… Tisdale… Knight… Devlin… Campbell 

NYT and USA Today Bestselling authors come together to bring you a Holiday Collection like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Familiar faces, familiar families. Join characters you ALREADY KNOW AND LOVE in a collection of very special never-before-published Christmas stories. 

Welcome to the tales you’ve been wishing for in this assemblage of tiny Christmas stories by some of your favorite authors. From the snow-covered fields of Medieval England, to the wind-blown Highlands of Scotland, and on to the merrily decked halls of Regency England, enjoy these satisfying little tales as you become part of your favorite characters’ holiday world. 

The collection includes:

A de Russe Christmas Miracle by Kathryn Le Veque – The de Russe family learns the true meaning of a Christmas miracle when an angel walks among them.

The Holly and The Ivy by Tanya Anne Crosby - Join the MacKinnon clan for a magical reunion that brings old friends and new together for a Yule not to be forgotten.

A Dukes of War Christmas by Erica Ridley - The Duke of Ravenwood and his family host a house party to reunite with old friends for the holiday.

Mariote’s Christmas Wish by Suzan Tisdale – Mariote from Stealing Moirra’s Heart has her own very special Christmas season.

A Very Special Gift by Eliza Knight - The Sutherlands are back with A Very Special Gift in this extended epilogue of Bella and Niall's story.

A Very Brethren Christmas by Barbara Devlin - Admiral Mark Douglas is a career naval man who just wants to get home in time to spend Christmas with his family.

A Rivenloch Christmas by Glynnis Campbell - Spend the holidays in Scotland with the Warrior Maids of Rivenloch.

Enjoy this limited edition set as Kathryn, Tanya Anne, Erica, Suzan, Eliza, Barbara, and Glynnis wish you and your family a very Happy Holidays! 


A de Russe Christmas Miracle.

By Kathryn Le Veque. 


Dane De Russe,  the Duke of Shrewsbury is taking his pregnant wife, Grier to visit his family home.  It might well be the last Christmas for his father,  so it's doubly important. On the way he does something he thought he would never do. 
A very emotional Christmas for a huge loving family.  Will they have anything to celebrate???
I loved it. 

The Holly and The Ivy.

By Tanya Ann Crosby.


Alexander MacKinnon is not happy that his big brother is coming home for Christmas.  He  is fed up with hearing how perfect he is.  Malcolm is also bring his witch wife with him,  that can't be good for anyone. 
An amusing story of sibling jealousy.  It's a good addition to the series.


A Dukes of War Christmas.

By Erica Ridley.


The Duke of Ravenwood and his wife Kate are having thier first tree decorating party.  All their wonderful friends we have met in other books in the series gave come together.  They play a very amusing game. 
Lots of fun. 


A Very Special Gift. 

By Eliza Knight.  


Sir Niall Oliphant and His wife Bella are greeting the Christmas holidays with something they were told could not possibly happen.  This is a short story addition to the series .


Mariote's Christmas Wish. 

By Suzan Tisdale.


Mariote McCullum is used to all the eligible men in her clan completely ignoring her.  The only time they even look at her is when they need a healer. 
The man she has been corresponding with at least wants to marry her.  So,  although she would rather marry with her family's  permission,  her wish for a husband must come true. 
Our heroine will find that not all as it seems.  Who will save her from a disastrous mistake,  and whose wish on a shooting star will come true???
A lesson to be careful what you wish for. 
Great fun.


A Very Brethren Christmas.

By Barbara Devlin. 


Admiral Mark Douglas has been delayed on his trip home for Christmas.  His wife Lady Amanda has to greet thier guests alone.  His will be an unusual and entertaining journey with an old friend.  Hers will be a worrisome wait,  all the while keeping up the spirit of the season. 
An entertaining story filled with the true spirit of Christmas.

A Rivenloch Christmas. 

By Glynnis Campbell. 


The Warrior Maids of Rivenloch are all together with their families for the holiday season. 
The Viking traditions are just as important to them as the Norman traditions of their husbands.  Not everyone in the family believes they are being properly passed along to the children though. 
A saucy story full of love and family.





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