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Bewitched by the Poor Man (Rich Man | Poor Man | Beggar Man | Thief #2) by Laura Landon. Historical Romance Release & ARC Review.

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The day Quinten Marvell became the Duke of Somerset should have been the most exhilarating day of his life. Instead, it was the day he inherited nothing but a pile of outstanding debts. Yet, there was one thing he was certain his father couldn’t squander, a place gifted to his mother, and then to him. Determined to recover the entire Somerset legacy, Quinn flees to the only home left to him, Lindenwood Manor, and discovers it to be the crowning loss in his father’s long list of failures. Now the most direct path to recovery lies in the heart of his beautiful and wealthy neighbor, Miss Alice Moore. Knowing that marriage would sentence this lovely, scarred woman to a lifetime of being snubbed as a commoner, will he sacrifice her to save himself from a life of poverty? 


Quinten Marvell,  Duke of Somerset may hold one of the most prominent titles in the land,  but since his father's death the debtors are gathering.  He knew his father sold everything he possibly could but thought that there was the one estate he could not touch.  The place that Quinten thought of as home. 
Miss Alice Moore has lived in the countryside with her father ever since the accident that scarred her for life.  The fortune that her father has earned will not help her be accepted by the upper classes.  She is happy just painting the beauty of the estate. 
Our hero is determined to regain everything his father wasted,  and to do it himself. 
This is a wonderful story that shows us there is much more that is important in life than appearances.  Beauty is on the inside. 
This is obviously not the first book in the series, but can be read on it's own.  However now I want to read the previous one,  and the next. 
I loved it. 


Laura Landon taught high school for ten years before leaving the classroom to open her own ice-cream shop. As much as she loved serving up sundaes and malts from behind the counter, she closed up shop after penning her first novel. Now she spends nearly every waking minute writing, guiding her heroes and heroines to find their happily ever afters.

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