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The Sea Devil (Pirates of Britannia: Lords of the Sea #3) by Eliza Knight. Historical Romance, Release & ARC Review.

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A daring brotherhood, where honor among thieves reigns supreme, and crushing their enemies is a thrilling pastime. These are the Pirates of Britannia.

Thornley "Thor" MacLeod, Captain of The Sea Devil and prominent member of the Devils of the Deep is out for one thing and one thing only—revenge against Santiago Fernandez, leader of Los Demonios de Mar. Tormented by the demons of his past, he knows the only relief to his pain will be spilling the blood of his enemy. When he learns that Santiago seeks to find a child he abandoned nearly two decades before, Thor is determined to find the precious treasure first. Which means, Thor may have to sacrifice his honor in order to exact the perfect vengeance.

Orphaned at a young age, Alesia Baird has grown up along the harsh coasts of Scotland, bearing witness to many a nightmare. With the hangman’s noose dangling ever closer to her neck, she has to find a way to escape the only life she’s ever known. When she overhears a pirate mention he seeks the child of Santiago Fernandez, Alesia takes the leap, knowing this could be her only way out.

Alesia must keep up the ruse long enough to escape with her life, and perhaps a sack full of jewels. But when it comes time to jump ship, she finds her destiny may have led her in a different path. Will the hardened Highlander allow a lass into his heart—or is she destined to be forever alone?

NOTE: Book One in the Lords of the Sea pirate series is SAVAGE OF THE SEA by Eliza Knight. Book Two in the series is LEADER OF TITANS by Kathryn le Veque. All books are stand-alones but much more fun if read together!


Captain Thor MacLeod is trolling the docks of Edinburgh looking for gossip to lead him to his next treasure.  Thor is a pirate,  part of the brethren that hunt the seas around Scotland and England.  He has a good night.  He has been entertained by watching a spirited lass give the watch the slip, and found that his life long enemy is searching for something.  Our hero, an orphaned Highlander by birth, was taken in as a young lad by the Pirate king. Now he counts them all as his brothers.
Alesia Baird has survived the harsh reality of life as a warf rat since a small child.  Her mother was a whore, and usually drunk or working the taverns of the docks. Our heroine is a fighter and a thief.  Not for her the life of a whore.  Unfortunately she has been too successful and there is now a price on her head.  She needs to leave before she swings from the noose.
This is a very exciting , action packed adventure.  Old enemies must be made to pay.  Old friends will add their support.  Strong characters that pull you into their lives from the first page to the last.  A series that I'm totally addicted to. 

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Eliza Knight is a USA Today Bestselling and award-winning author of sizzling historical romance and time-travel erotic romance. Under the name E. Knight, she pens riveting historical fiction. She runs the award-winning blog, History Undressed. When not reading, writing and researching, she likes to cuddle up in front of a warm fire with her own knight in shining armor. 

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