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The Bittersweet Bride (Advertisements for Love #1) by Vanessa Riley. Historical Romance, Release & ARC Review.

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Widow Theodosia Cecil needs a husband to help protect her son. The former flower seller turned estate owner posts an ad in the newspaper, and no one is more surprised than she when her first love, the man she thought dead, reappears.

Ewan Fitzwilliam has been at war for six years. Now, the second son of a powerful earl is back but his beloved Theo needs a husband and will not consider him. She believes Ewan left her—in desperate straits—so she denies the feelings she still harbors for the handsome, scarred soldier. Theo and playwright Ewan must overcome bitter lies and vengeful actions that ruined their youthful affair. Theo must reveal her deepest secret in order to reclaim the love that has long been denied.


Widow Theodosia Cecil is so desperate to find a new husband, she is advertising for one in the paper.  The reason is to protect her young son, and her home from her son's guardian.  The man only wants control of her fortune and business.  Because of her appearance and history,  the man could easily take it all. 
Ewan Fitzwilliam has returned home after his time in the army.  He was once believed to have been killed and carries the scars. 
The past has not been kind to our protagonists.  Our hero made bad decisions and his family we're incredibly cruel.  Our heroine loved her husband and felt safe with him. She needs to feel that again.
This is a historical romance with a big twist.  The prejudice our heroine and her friends face must have been very difficult in those days,  even in England. 
An emotional and intense story that I thoroughly enjoyed. 



Even as she pursued engineering degrees, Vanessa Riley's love of 19th century history yielded a hunger to take as many Western Civilization credits as possible (two classes shy of a minor). Vanessa adore Regency times with its conflicts between Church and State, the clash of the classes, and the sweeping romances. Her mission is to have the world fall in love with powerful Regency heroes and heroines who battle for peace with a flintlock and a prayer.
Vanessa loves writing from the comfort of her southern porch with a cup of Earl Grey.

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