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A Scandal By Any Other Name (A Tale of Two Sisters #2) by Kimberly Bell. Historical Romance, Release & ARC Review.

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Jasper De Vere doesn't do sad. Ever since the death of his parents, he’s devoted himself to life’s many pleasures—while making sure to avoid attachments. It’s difficult to avoid your own grandfather though, especially when you’re the heir to his Dukedom. Unable to sit by and watch one of the few people he cares about wither away, Jasper flees to his friend Nicholas’s country estate.

Julia Bishop leads a life of glorious excitement—in her head. The spinal injury she was born with makes her a permanent pariah in society, so despite being the daughter of an earl, she's spent her life in the country with just her family to keep her company. When her brother-in-law’s flirtatious—and devilishly handsome—friend mistakes her for an untroubled debutante, Julia isn’t about to let an opportunity for some real, live adventure slip away.

Delicious distraction and flirtation turn into an all-out affair, and slips dangerously close to something more when family intrudes. Can Jasper and Julia return to their separate lives in isolation, or will they take a risk and choose each other?


Jasper DeVere is struggling to come to terms with the death of his beloved grandfather.  He is nowhere near ready to step into his shoes and become the Duke . He does just what he did when his parents died,  run away to escape from the pressure.  His best friend's new estate, while said friend is away on honeymoon will be perfect. 
Julia Bishop decided to stay at her sister's home while her sister is away.  The peace and the freedom is just what she needs.  Julia has a disability that has made her the target of vicious tongues all her life.  Her family love her, but sometimes smother her with their protection.  The chance of being treated as a normal woman is just to good to pass up. 
This Victorian romance is emotional, and will pull you into to our heroine's difficult life right from the first page.  Lots of  laughs and mischief from both our lead characters. 
Very good story and a very unusual romance.  I loved it. 



2015 RWA Golden Heart Finalist and 2014 Maggie Award Winner Kimberly Bell writes misfit love stories from her home in the mountains of Lake Tahoe. When she isn’t wrangling characters or making a nuisance of herself on twitter, she is mediocre dog wrangler, chasing her shepherd-mix coyote and great dane around the lake.

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