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Colwood Firehouse: Axel (The Shifters of Colwood Firehouse Book 3) by Kim Fox. Release & ARC Review.

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Hadley returned home from her vacation in Colwood, Montana with more than just a few cheap souvenirs. After a night to remember with one of the hot local firemen, she’s more than just satisfied and relaxed. She’s knocked up. 

Axel, the polar bear shifter of the firehouse crew, wants nothing more than a mate to start a family with. So, he’s thrilled when his one-night-stand of a few weeks ago returns with a round surprise, only problem is, she doesn’t want anything to do with him. 

The hot firefighting shifter has one night to make Hadley fall in love with him, but when a vicious ice dragon comes lurking around, they may not even make it to the morning. 

This series should be read in order for maximum enjoyment. Start with Book One featuring Zane:


Polar bear shifter Axel has not been able to get his mind off the beautiful woman he met at the charity auction.  Unfortunately she is now the other side of the states.  He never had much chance to talk to her. 
Hadley has come back to Colwood with news for the sexy fireman.  Never did she imagine that bidding on a date with him would then out like this. 
The firehouse crew and the rest of the town have a big problem to solve when their Alpha's brother comes to call. This might just be more than they can handle. Incredible shifter battle and a few good laughs.  Anyone need ice for their drinks.  L. O. L. 
This series should be read in order. 
Good fun. 


A paranormal romance writer who loves bear shifters and the tough, curvy women that can handle them. Kim Fox has won dozens of awards but none of them have anything to do with writing and most of them are just participation ribbons she got while playing soccer when she was ten-years-old. She's still really good though!

If you're looking for a good place to start reading, I would recommend starting with Vega Brothers: Julius.

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The Clawed Squad: Stetson, Royal, The Twins, Tyler, Thorn
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