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Hi Everyone,  I would like to dedicate this Halloween to my mum.  She always considered herself a white witch.  If she was still alive she would be 86 years old now.  Her personality didn't fit with the time she was born to.  I hope, since she has been gone for ten years now,  she is on to a life that will fit her better. 
She was a very intelligent woman who loved fun.  It wasn't until her mid to late forties when she lived on her own that she really discovered who she could be.  Then she found the much younger man that was the one she needed.  This modern world of the internet and indi published books would have been ideal for her.  She wrote,  painted and was generally artistic.  I haven't inherited her talents unfortunately.  The picture above that I found on Pinterest fits her personality so well.  A good witch with a little bit of wicked.  I miss you mum.  Xx

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