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Alpha Dragon (Alpha Bites #3) by Mandy Rosko. Release Day + ARC Review.

Jax is dangerous, deadly, and better still, he knows how to be patient. Whether it's waiting for the perfect time to kill, or waiting for his woman to come to him. And he knows its just a matter of time before she does.

Katie is still carrying the dark scars from her past, and it's a black cloud she's carried for years, a heavy burden she was unable to throw off. She distanced herself from everyone, even from her mate, the man she is destined to love.

When Jax is injured in battle protecting the pack, Katie will throw away her inhibitions for only a moment to help her mate heal, but unfortunately, or fortunately, a night passionate healing leaves both wanting more, and now that the dragon is unleashed, Jax can't bring himself to stay away from his mate.

Especially when the ghost from Katie's past insists on making trouble for them.

Jax is a dragon shifter and an Alpha.  He is one of three alphas in this mixed pack.  He stays with them because his mate is part of them. 
Katie is a wolf shifter and an omega.  She knows Jax is her mate, but because of a traumatic past she cannot accept him. 
This is the third in a series that must be read in order.  Although each book has it's own HEA they link together in the complete story. 
A sexy and exciting story with marvellous characters. 



USA Today Bestselling Author Mandy Rosko lives as a hermit and she works in Ottawa, Ontario. Every once in a while she peels herself away from writing and Internet surfing to socialize with real people. She loves videogames, Sailor Moon, and her dog.

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