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Highland Madness: Scottish Medieval Box Set (MadMen MacKeefe #1-3) by Elizabeth Rose. ARC Reviews.


Onyx - Book 1 
Onyx MacKeefe takes the Englishwoman, Lady Lovelle captive to ensure his mother won’t be killed by the English before he can hunt down and return with the stolen Book of Hours.

Aidan - Book 2
Aidan MacKeefe is the guardian of the Stone of Destiny - the coronation stone of the Scots. He thinks Effie MacDuff is his dream angel, but before he knows what happened, she’s stolen the stone away from him for reasons he does not understand.

Ian - Book 3
Ian MacKeefe has a dark and troubled past that is brought to the surface when he sees the face of his dead enemy in the fire on All Hallow’s Eve. And when he realizes Kyla, his best friend’s sister, is not only in love with him but also in danger, he has to face his past in order to secure his future with Kyla.

Onyx MacKeefe is used to everyone believing he is the devil because of his odd coloured eyes.  He also has a habit of dying and coming back.  His mother has been arrested for a murder that happened years ago,  and to hope to save her he must return the book she stole. 
Lady Loveday de Lacy is determine to get the book from her father's murderess.  She needs the charms written in it to stop her mother from losing her mind.  She has already lost too many of her family.  If traveling to the highlands with the sexy Scotsman is the only way, that's what she will do. 
This is an usual highland romance.  Our hero is really quite vulnerable.  Our heroine is brave and stubborn.  With the plague running through the country travel can be even more dangerous.  There are a lot of emotional moments and visits from characters we have met in previous books.  This is the first in a box set.  I can't wait to read the rest. 


The MacKeefe clan has got the honour of guarding the Stone of Destiny,  and keeping the secret of the fact that the one the English took is not the real one.  Adian MacKeefe has been using it as a pillow to sleep on, in the hope it will give him prophetic dreams. 
His best friends and fellow "mad men " tease him mercilessly when he tells them of the dream he had. 
Effie MacDuff and her younger sister have been captured by an English lord because of her family's historic connection with the Stone.  He will go to any lengths to find and take control of it to give to the English King.  Effie must protect her sister even if that means betraying her heritage. 
Lots of laughs and danger in this second book in the series.  The relationship between the Mad Men MacKeefe is as strong as brothers.  Their unusual pets also give us lots of giggles.  Our poor heroine has had a hard life and it just got a whole lot harder. 
Great fun.  Now I need to read the last in the box set. 
Ian  was a foundling brought up by the MacKeefe  clan.  He has a darkness in him because he has always wondered about who his real family was.  He considers the other two "mad men MacKeefe " like brothers.  A man doesn't make a move on the little sister of his best friend. He did try to find his own family but decided he preferred the clan he grew up in. 
Kayla  MacKeefe has followed her brother and his two best friends around since she can remember,  but her feelings for Ian are those of a woman not a pesky little sister.  She is twenty years old now and her brother and his friends still treat her like a child. 
This is the third in a series that should really be read in order.  There is lots of danger and adventure in this story.  As it set around Halloween there is a little bit of a spooky feel to it.  Our hero tries his best to be a good man,  but carries a secret that affects everything he does.  Our heroine is a brave an independent woman,  who is fed up with being over protected by the men in her family. 
A wonderful box set that covers three sexy Highlanders and their strong women.  I loved every page. 


Elizabeth Rose is the author of medieval, paranormal, fantasy and contemporary novels. While based on romance, her novels have complex plots, action and suspense. She loves writing bad boy tortured heroes and empowered feisty heroines.

Her books have won rave reviews, and been seen on The History Channel as well as Wild Chicago. She has been a Sapphire Award finalist, and been nominated by Romantic Times for a Reviewer’s Choice Award.

She is also a freelance artist and photographer, and has designed and created all her own e-book covers as well as created all her own book trailer videos.

She has several series: The Legacy of the Blade Series, Daughters of the Dagger, Elemental Series, Tarnished Saints Series, Greek Myth Fantasy, and her newest, her Scottish medieval MadMan MacKeefe series.

She hopes to visit the castles of Scotland and England personally some day. However, she has been to the jungles of Peru and Machu Picchu which inspired her novels, Curse of the Condor and Eden’s Garden.

Elizabeth’s trademark is a rose on the cover of each of her books, to let you know it is her work, since there are other authors by the same name. She also ends each novel with the title of the book being the last words of the story.

Visit her website to view her latest book trailers and to read excerpts of her work.

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