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How To Play The Game Of Love (Ladies Of Passion #1) by Harmony Williams. ARC Review.

He’s everything she thinks she doesn’t want.

When Miss Rose Wellesley’s father threatens an arranged marriage, she knows she'd better settle on a choice quickly or end up having no say in who she marries. Fortunately, she's garnered a rare invitation to Lady Dunlop's "Week of Love" house party, an annual affair notorious for matchmaking. Her plans to expedite a proposal would go smoothly if not for the brash younger sister she must chaperone, her outspoken, disagreeable best friend, and the bullish Lord Hartfell who seems determined to dog her every step.

Lord Hartfell embodies every last thing Rose dislikes in a man. He’s domineering, tenacious, argumentative, and a little too casual with his nudity for her tastes. Worst of all, Rose can't seem to get him—or his kisses—out of her mind.

Rose is determined to find a more appropriate husband, even if her heart disagrees with how unsuitable the stubborn lord is…

Miss Rose Wellesley has been given a week to find a husband she wants or her father will choose for her.  So she is off to a house party with her sister and best friends.  The hostess is known as a matchmaker. 
The one thing Rose is looking for is love. 
Lord Warren Hartfell is doing all he can to stop Rose from being with anyone except him.  The hostess is playing right into his hands. 
This infuriates Rose no end. 
This is a funny and at times emotional story.  The silly games the hostess organises are designed to encourage romance.  Our hero is a little arrogant. Our heroine is extremely stubborn and has been trying to hide her true character. 
A light hearted and very enjoyable book.  I loved it. 



Harmony Williams has been living vicariously in Regency-era England since she discovered Jane Austen. Since time machines don’t yet exist, she’s had to make do with books—fictional and non-fictional. On the rare occasions she doesn’t have her nose stuck in a book, she likes to drink tea and spend time with her 90-lb lapdog. A feminist, she writes stories about strong women and the men who support them as equals.

Co-author of the SCANDALS & SPIES series with Leighann Dobbs. 


ARC Received through 2016netgalleychallenge

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