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The Rebellious Red (Pirates of Britannia #26) by Rosamund Winchester. Historical Romance ARC Review.

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Every Rose has a Thorn, and every love has a tale... 

Rose “Red” isn’t a Rees. Washed ashore as a babe, she cannot remember her parents or the meaning the locket she still wears around her neck. When clues point north, Rose heads to Scotland to uncover the truth about family she had lost. Fortunately for her, the clan leader is more than willing to help her…because Rose is his long lost betrothed. 

Struggling to find peace after his father’s death and shocked at finding the woman he’d been betrothed to since childhood, Thorn is torn between marrying someone he knows and trying to convince the fierce Rose to remain with him as his wife. But Rose is more than just a beautiful woman; she is a puzzle, and much too tempting to let go. 

While unwilling to tie herself to a man who says he will be her husband, Rose cannot shake the desire to know what it feels like to be Thorn's. But she quickly comes to realize that there is more to Thorn than a man of laws and steel, and more to their attraction than she ever thought possible. 

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Rose(Red)  has grown up among a family of smugglers and pirates after she was washed up on the beach after a storm as a child.  She has vague memories of her father but that's all. 
Dubhach (Thorn) MacPherson has been searching for his lost betrothed for years.  Many women have come claiming to be her,  but even though he hasn't seen her since they were children he will know her.  Unfortunately as the clan chief and last of his line he can't wait much longer to marry. 
Our fierce and firery heroine is a fascinating character. 
I loved the story but feel it could easily have been fleshed out into a bigger book.  At the end of the story we met another character that looks really interesting. 
Good fun. 


Rosamund Winchester is a determined and overwhelmed mother of four children. If she didn't have writing to focus on, she'd spend all day staring into space and pondering the mysteries of the universe.

Rosamund writes emotional, thrilling, heart-pounding historical romance that draws the reader into the adventure, the passion, and the happily ever after. Rosamund also writes sweet historical romance as Lynn Winchester, so she offers books for all romance lovers.

When Rosamund isn't writing sexy historical romance, or sweet historical romance as Lynn Winchester, she is reading whatever she is in the mood for, or watching crime shows on Discovery ID.

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