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Lady of Charade (The Unconventional Ladies #4) by Ellie St. Clair. Historical Romance Release & ARC Review.

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An illegitimate daughter. The son of an earl. A connection they cannot deny. 

Book 4 in "The Unconventional Ladies" series is now available!
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Raised in a small American village after her mother passes away, Sarah Jones is sent a cryptic letter about the true identity of her father, an English nobleman. She travels to London in search of the man while she passes herself off as a family member of the aristocracy. No one is aware — not even her closest friends — that she spends her nights in a boardinghouse, making money by treating people who come to her for her healing abilities. But one night, a nobleman appears on her doorstep, nearly dead, and her life will never be the same again. 

Lord David Redmond, second son of the Earl of Kilkenny, loves his life of pleasure and in pursuit of fun. He has never been able to understand the appeal of settling down with one woman, much to his parents’ dismay. Until one night, he suffers the consequences of a liaison that should have never occurred, and he finds himself out-dueled in a brawl outside a gaming hell. 

Left for dead in the streets, David wakes up to find himself in the hands of a beautiful woman who treats his injuries. But more than that, she sees inside his soul. Soon they each discover a connection they never asked for and are not sure they can live with. When she finally shares her story, he vows to repay her by finding her father. 

What if the truth of who they are is more than either of them can take? 

The Unconventional Ladies Series 
Book 1 - Lady of Mystery 
Book 2 - Lady of Fortune 
Book 3 - Lady of Providence 
Book 4 - Lady of Charade 


Sarah Jones is a healer who has grown up in America. Her mother never told her the name of her father,  but now a letter has come tempting her to travel to England and find him. 
Lord David Redmond has a reputation as a rake who cares for nothing except enjoying himself.  His parents despair of him ever finding a wife. 
Our heroine is a very self sufficient young lady who has managed to straddle the line between the ton and the common people.  Helping people is something she is driven to do,  no matter who they are. 
As pressure builds on our hero he finds out he is not the center of anyone's world.  He didn't think that would matter to him,  but it does. 
A very entertaining story with fabulous characters.  It is part of a series but easily read on it's own.  You will fleeting meet the characters from the other books but that will not spoil them for you if you haven't read them yet.  They are all well worth reading. 
Very enjoyable reading. 


Ellie has always loved reading, writing, and history. For many years she has written short stories, non-fiction, and has worked on her true love and passion -- romance novels.

In every era there is the chance for romance, and Ellie enjoys exploring many different time periods, cultures, and geographic locations. No matter when or where, love can always prevail. She has a particular soft spot for the bad boys of history, and loves a strong heroine in her stories.

The lake is Ellie’s happy place, and when she’s not writing, she is spending time with her son, her Husky/Border Collie cross, and her own dashing duke. She loves reading — of course — as well as running, biking, and summers at the lake.

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