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Lady of Providence (The Unconventional Ladies #3) by Ellie St. Clair. Historical Romance Release & ARC Review.

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Much-anticipated Book 3 has arrived in "The Unconventional Ladies" series. Pick up "Lady of Providence" by Ellie St. Clair today, or read for FREE in Kindle Unlimited!! 

A rocky past. An uncertain future. Can love prevail? 

Elizabeth Moreland is seen as the perfect lady. Born to the Viscount of Shannon and to the daughter of one of England’s most prominent bankers, she is the epitome of grace and propriety. Yet she yearns for the opportunity to work in the world of which she is enamoured, a world seemingly reserved for men -- banking. When her beloved grandfather passes away, she is both devastated and shocked when the reading of the will reveals the he left all -- his inheritance, as well as his senior partnership in the bank - to her. 

Gabriel Lockridge, the Duke of Clarence, has everything a man could want, yet is continually bored with life and always in pursuit of a challenge. He is intrigued by the latest fortunes of Lady Elizabeth Moreland, a woman he wronged many years ago. When her cousin requests his help in destroying her reputation and new-found position, Gabriel agrees, though he has other motives in mind. 

Elizabeth must learn to fight in order to uphold what she believes in and fulfill the wishes of her grandfather. She has little time to determine the true intentions of the man she once thought she loved, but he is slowly beginning to find his way back into her life. Among all the adversities against her, will Elizabeth choose to open herself up to the risk of love or heartbreak? 

Or will she remain determined to keep her heart closed forever?

The Unconventional Ladies Series 
Book 1 - Lady of Mystery 
Book 2 - Lady of Fortune 
Book 3 - Lady of Providence 
Book 4 - Lady of Charade 


Lady Elizabeth Moreland spends most of her time with her grandfather at the bank he runs.  She has always enjoyed learning everything about it from him.  Since she backed out of a possible marriage years before she has worked to be independent.  She will soon find out just how strong and capeable she is. 
Gabriel Lockridge,  the Duke of Clarence can and does do anything he likes.  Unfortunately it gets boring so he likes to "help" where he thinks it's needed.  His past behaviour with one of his partners in the bank could cause unexpected consequences. 
A fun story with a marvellously strong minded heroine.  With a family like hers who can blame her when she has trust issues. 
Our hero is just a little too full of himself and not used to being told no. 
This is part of a series of books that can each be read alone.  They are all very entertaining. 
Great fun. 


Ellie has always loved reading, writing, and history. For many years she has written short stories, non-fiction, and has worked on her true love and passion -- romance novels.

In every era there is the chance for romance, and Ellie enjoys exploring many different time periods, cultures, and geographic locations. No matter when or where, love can always prevail. She has a particular soft spot for the bad boys of history, and loves a strong heroine in her stories.

The lake is Ellie’s happy place, and when she’s not writing, she is spending time with her son, her Husky/Border Collie cross, and her own dashing duke. She loves reading — of course — as well as running, biking, and summers at the lake.

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