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Claimed by Magic (Wolf Creek Shifters #3) by H.R. Savage. Paranormal Romance Release, ARC Review & Giveaway.

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The scorching final novel of the Wolf Creek Shifters series...

Fallon Stone is a lone wolf...and she prefers it that way. Sick of stuffy Alphas telling her what to do, she lives on her own in a tiny Wisconsin town, determined to fight her wolf’s need for a pack. When an egotistical Warlock shows up and tells her she’s in danger, she dismisses him, and his desire to help. That is, until death shows up to take her down.

As the anticipated next leader of his coven, Warlock Aidan Wood always follows the rules. But when a vision shows him the death of a familiar sexy Shifter with gold eyes, he battles with the desire to save her and the laws that have been pounded into his head. It doesn't help that she wants nothing to do with him.

Her impending death is looming, with a threat that goes deeper than either of them imagined. Now, Aidan must choose between what is easy and what is right.


Werewolf Fallon Stone has been trying to live on her own terms outside of a pack.  She has contact with her brother but like all Alpha wolves he thinks the females should be protected at all costs.  That's why she moved to the other end of the United states.
Adian Wood is a warlock with incredible power.  He has helped the wolves before.  When he has a vision that one he knows is in big trouble it's obvious he has to help no matter who says not to interfere. 
There is a big movement in the supernatural community that wants to "come out" . That could cause a war others don't want.  Who is on which side and what the ramifications could be is what this story is about.  The visions some of our characters have will either start or stop this war. 
Can our wonderful hero,  who has helped the wolves in past, help again.  Our very independent heroine has learnt that control is everything for her.  It's where she draws her strength from.  Can she give it up to find the answers they all need? 
A magical,  action packed story.  It has disfunctional family dynamics and love at it's heart.  The rescues and battles can get bloody and emotional.
This is part of a series but can be read on it's own.  However I would recommend reading the series in order. 
I loved it. 

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Author H.R. Savage (Heather) started reading romance at an age that made her father cringe as she tried to hide the cover behind her hands. She technically finished writing her first book in Junior High, where it mysteriously disappeared in a reformatting incident. Due to the encouragement of her English teachers at her small town school in La Verne, California, she never lost her love for the art. Now a woman who swears by the power of coffee, Chinese food, and wine (not necessarily in that order), she decided it was time to create stories from the characters in her head. 

When Heather isn’t writing, outlining, or pinning pictures of hot ‘character inspirations’ on Pinterest™, she is spending time with her three beautiful children and handsome husband.

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