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Tempest Heart (Hearts of the Highlands #5) by Paula Quinn. Historical Romance Release & ARC Review.

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He’d learned many ways to stay alive, but he never lived.

Tristan MacPherson is a killer for hire. He is elemental, primal, savage, and determined to uphold his reputation that if he agrees to kill a man, the man will surely die. He has seen so much death both on the field and off that he has grown detached to its effects. Until he finds a lass on the brink of death, about to be set aflame as one infected with the terrible sickness, and his heart begins to beat again.

After losing six years of her life protected from a fire-breathing madman outside the walls of her father’s castle, Lady Rose Callanach is allowed the freedom to spend the winter with her cousin. When she is infected with the plague on the way and left in a village to die, she is saved by a beautiful masked man. A man infamous for showing no mercy, and yet, it is the very first thing he gives her. She will never forget it. She will forgive him anything because of it.

But can she forgive him when she learns that he has been hired to kill her father? And can Tristan save her when the fiery monster finally returns for her and sets her world up in flames? 


Lady Rose Callanach has not been outside her father's castle for six years because the person who killed her mother is probably after her as well.  Her uncle has at last persuaded her father that she will be safe with him and her cousin.
Tristan MacPherson is a legendary assassin known for bringing justice to those who think they are above the laws of decency. 
The black death is ravaging the land wiping out whole villages,  everyone is scared of catching it.  Sometimes they take extreme measures to stop the spread.  
This is an emotional and action packed story filled with vicious battles and danger for everyone.  Our unlikely hero will have a life changing experience.  Our brave, but incredibly innocent heroine will learn that not everything she has been told is true.  
A very exciting book that is part of a series but easily read on it's own.  
I loved it.


Paula Quinn is a NY Times and USA Today bestselling author of medieval, Scottish historical, and paranormal romance. To date, four of her books have garnered a starred review from Publishers Weekly. She has been nominated for Storyteller of the year by RT Book Reviews and every one of her books from the Children of the Mist series have garnered Top Picks from RT Book Reviews. She also writes fantasy romance under the pen name of Genevra Thorne. 

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