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Ruthless, by S.S.Richards. Dark Romance Book Tour.

Title: Ruthless
Author: S.S. Richards
Genre: Dark Romance
Release Date: June 11, 2020
Cover Design: Amanda Walker PA & Design Services
He lurks behind the shadows and watches my every move keenly.
I feel his powerful presence in my sleep but it doesn’t frighten me.
I should hide.
I should feel suffocated.
I should try to escape.
I want to stay.
I want him to possess me.
I want to drown in his pain and sorrow.
Between the walls of this castle, I found my escape and eternal peace.
We're the unlucky ones. The tortured ones. The pitiful ones...
I'm Anastasia Smirnov, and this is my story.
*Suitable for ages 18+
Note: This is a dark romance with intense and dark sensual scenes. Please proceed with caution.
Saucy Reviews on Kinky Korner: “I thoroughly enjoyed this modern day version of Beauty and the Beast however this one was the adult version and in my opinion, much better!”
Britney’s Romance Library: “This was a beautiful Beauty and the Beast tale with a splash of dark 50 Shades of Gray.”
QueenofBooks88: “Wow what a powerful story of such heartache and torment! I was so hooked on this book, it had me feel a range of different emotions throughout, which means you know its a genuinely good read.”
Author S.A. Ichigo: “RUTHLESS by @s.srichardsbooks is so dark and emotional read, I’m left speechless.”
As a young teenager, S.S. Richards started creating imaginary friends and could invent a story in her head within a matter of seconds. A gift that lead her into believing she may be “super talented” after all. One day she decided to open her laptop and start feeding words into it, and that’s where it all begun. She decided to make a career out of writing.
She also loves to hear from readers.

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