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Love's Sweet Sting (The FitzRam Family Dynasty Book 2) by Anna Markland. Historical Romance Release. My Review.

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Aidan FitzRam joins the monastic community at Lindisfarne to atone for what he perceives as his role in his parents' drowning. But he quickly realizes he cannot ignore the plight of Nolana Kincade, a Highland lass who is fleeing an abusive stepfather. Their growing attraction to each other bears out the reality his sister has always maintained—he's just not cut out for the religious life.


Aidan FizRam is devastated by the death of his parents and feels the need to atone for what he sees as his guilt.  Giving up everything and becoming a monk is obviously what he needs to do.  His siblings certainly do not agree.
Nolana Kincade is being sold to an old man by her horrible and abusive stepfather.  She desperately needs to escape.  Traveling on her own is not possible so maybe the Church can help.  
This is a fabulous historical romance that gives us a real idea of the way life was back then. The beekeeping of the monks was particularly fascinating.
The characters are all strong,  brave and loveable. I can't wait to read more of the stories from this series. 
 If, like me, you've read this author's work before you might recognize some of the family names. Each book can be read as a stand alone but will tempt you to buy the rest.


I’m a Canadian author with a keen interest in genealogy. I write medieval romance about family honour, ancestry, and roots. My novels are intimate love stories full of passion and adventure.

Passion conquers whatever obstacles a hostile medieval world can throw in its path. My page-turning adventures have earned me a place on Amazon’s All-Star list.

Besides writing, I have two addictions-crosswords and genealogy, probably the reason I love research. I am a fool for cats. My husband is an entrepreneur who is fond of boasting he’s never had a job.

I live on Canada’s scenic west coast now, but I was born and raised in the UK and I love breathing life into the history of my homeland.

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